Work Life Balance

Daycare: how soon is too soon?

How soon is too soon for daycare? It's the million dollar question, sometimes almost literally, as you weigh not just the costs and benefits to your baby's development and happiness in her child care situation, but also the cost of child care versus the cost of not going back to work.

Navigating the workplace as a single parent

A working single parent wears a lot of hats, and it can help to be prepared for how work might be different after your baby's birth.

Continuing to breastfeed when going back to work

The end of parental leave can present a host of hang-ups, not the least of which is how to feed your baby while you're off at the workplace. So what's one to do?

Childcare with multiples

If you look very, very closely into the eyes of your little ones, you can sometimes see hundreds of adorable little dollar signs reflected back at you. Childcare for multiples isn't cheap, but there are ways to make it work for your family.

5 pumping tips for working moms

Planning on returning to work soon and pumping when you do? Make sure you have a smart plan ready.

Setting the scales for work and life

Returning to work after pregnancy can feel a little like you're an alien landing on a lunar surface. And it will take a little time to get re-adjusted to the foreign landscape of your office. But with a little preparation, things don't have to be so difficult.

Ways to be productive while working from home

Working at home can be a luxury. It can also be a major challenge! It's going to take some time to find your groove. For now, there are a couple of things to consider regarding the recent merge your workspace magically made with your living space.

What's the best way to switch childcare providers?

There are lots of reasons why you'd change your baby's childcare. No matter the circumstances, there are a couple of things that you can do to help things go as smoothly as possible.

Feeling competitive with your baby's childcare provider

You want your baby to love her caregivers and for those caregivers to love her right back...but not too much, right?

Emergency childcare ideas

Planning ahead is important, but you can't plan for everything - every once in a while, the need for emergency childcare is going to pop up.

Holiday or end-of-year gifts for childcare workers

This special season comes but once each year: the what-gifts-can-I-possibly-get-for-all-my-loved-ones-in-the-next-twenty-minutes-at-the-mall season. It's beautiful, no? Don't sweat it; everyone has trouble thinking of gift ideas.

Working from home with a toddler

Toddlers aren't the easiest coworkers to have, but you and your baby are so in-sync, you're sure to figure out a great working relationship.

Telltale trouble-signs for a daycare center

Daycare can be a fantastic resource for working parents, but not all daycare centers are created equal.

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