What should I put in a newborn's crib?

Picture a baby's crib: you might be seeing fluffy pillows, fluffier stuffed animals, and maybe a luscious comforter or sheets of Egyptian cotton. But in these early days, your baby won't only not appreciate your stylistic choices, but she might actually be put in harm's way by having so much in the crib.

Multiples and crib-sharing

The most important thing to do when you're putting your little ones to sleep is make sure they're as safe as possible. There are certain safety guidelines to remember around bedtime to keep your multiples safe, secure, and snug as bugs, so where does crib-sharing fit in?

How can I get my newborn to sleep through the night?

We hate to be the ones to say it, but right now your baby has no concept of bedtime whatsoever. And you'll use a lot of precious energy trying to get her to adjust to a normal clock. In a couple of months, you'll both be able to sleep through the night, but for now, it can be more helpful to learn about feeding patterns and reasons why babies wake up throughout the night.

Why babies should sleep on their backs

Believe it or not, it wasn't always recommended that babies be put on their backs to sleep. Fortunately, we now have more knowledge about how babies should be put to bed. your baby still needs her beauty rest, but you'll want to make sure the conditions are perfect before she drifts off into dreamland.

What's the deal with co-sleeping?

Are you familiar with co-sleeping? It's basically like having a sleepover with your baby every night. Sounds fun, right? But wait, there's more!

Does my baby sleep too much?

When your baby dozes off for ten straight hours, you might feel a mixture of jealousy and confusion. How on earth could someone who has no responsibilities sleep for almost an entire day? Long periods of slumber aren't necessarily bad for your baby, but there are a couple things you should do to optimize the time that your little Sleeping Beauty spends snoozing.

Should you ever wake a sleeping baby?

Some rules are meant to be broken, but is this one of them?

What's a good bedtime for a baby?

Depending on what kind of parent you are, bedtime for your baby either gives you feelings of loneliness or relief - or both! Either is fine, but no matter how you're feeling, you're going to need to figure out when exactly to put your baby to sleep. There are a couple things to consider when you're deciding on the right time for your baby to go night-night.

Pros and cons of room-sharing

When it comes to room-sharing, what works for someone else just might not work for you. So before you open your bedroom door to your baby, make sure you consider both sides of the issue.

3 keys to napping

Right now you're pretty much in charge of how much sleep your baby gets - and vice versa! But with great power comes great responsibility. Is there a limit to how many naps your baby should be taking every day?

Napping dos and dont's

You probably have a pretty good feel for your baby and know how to get the best nap possible out of her, but it never hurts to brush up on the basics.

Baby's first full night of sleep

It's 3 a.m. and you're wide awake for the fifth time, abruptly yanked from dreamland by your baby's nearby cries. You're not alone. During the first few months of parenthood, the vast majority of parents suffer together when it comes to getting less sleep than a globetrotting techno DJ. One urgent question looms: when will my baby make it from dusk till dawn without a peep?

Getting your baby to fall back asleep on their own

In the dead of night, with a screaming, SCREAMING baby, it can seem like you'll never be able to get her to fall back asleep. Sometimes the only solution really is patience, but there are still some other things you can do to help your baby reach baby dreamland once again.

What is night weaning?

Let's paint a familiar picture for you: it's 2 a.m., and you're roused from sleep by a cry you've heard a thousand times before. "Whose turn is it?" you ask. It's your turn.

When is it okay for baby to not sleep on their back?

Adults are allowed to sleep on their stomachs, so surely at some point a baby must be able to as well. So when is the point at which they don't have to sleep on their backs?

Baby's sleep at 6 months

your baby doesn't have to worry about college papers, bills, deadlines, or early meetings, so why not help her get used to a healthy sleeping schedule early in life, when there are fewer distractions? There are some simple ways you can make your baby's sleep schedule a little bit more predictable.

It's raining, it's pouring, my baby is snoring

Although snoring in babies is, for the most part, safe, there are a couple things you'll want to watch out for if you hear your baby snoring.

Napping during an illness

Illnesses can mess up travel plans and dinner plans, but things really start to get tricky when they start to mess with sleeping plans.

Help! My baby's nap patterns are changing

your baby needs a lot less sleep these days, which means it's probably fine to start changing the hours that you have her take naps. As her circadian rhythms get more developed, your baby will be more receptive to this kind of rescheduling.

Help! My baby won't sleep through the night

You know that feeling you get when you can't sleep - when you lie in bed and think about how tired you'll be the next day? Yeah, your baby doesn't get that. All that your baby can think about is how awesome being awake is. If this is the case, and your baby just refuses to sleep throughout the night, there are actually a couple of (very legitimate) reasons why this is happening. And fortunately, there are some things you can do about it, too.

3 bedtime routines from parents like you

Every family needs to find the key to the bedtime routine on their own, but that doesn't mean you can't steal a few cues from tried and true routines!

Baby's sleep and daylight savings time

We're all a little grumpy around daylight savings time. Fortunately there are a couple different ways you can try and help your baby adjust to the inevitable shift.

When do babies develop circadian rhythms?

Just because you can't see circadian rhythms, doesn't mean they're not happening. And they're happening, all right. The real question is when, and if it's possible to help these rhythms along.

Bedtime when your baby starts pulling up to stand

Your little one's growing physical abilities are a marvel, but when that marvel starts to get in the way of bedtime, it's easy to get frustrated.

Dealing with night crying

There may have been a point in your life when staying up all night was your idea of a good time, but even then, a crying baby probably wasn't a part of the equation. Parents whose little ones haven't left night-crying behind yet may be wondering when they'll be able to reclaim their abilities to sleep through the night.

Sleep overview: 12 to 18 months

Sleep in the toddler years isn't always fairy-tale-perfect, but your baby is moving in the direction of longer nighttime sleep, and (eventually) fewer naps.

Signs your toddler is ready to drop a nap and how to do it

Maybe life would be a lot easier if you had a treasure map that would lead you straight to your toddler's perfect nap schedule, but for now, her cues are the best guide you have.

Toddler co-sleeping

Co-sleeping, or sleep sharing, is when a child regularly sleeps in her parents' room or bed rather than a room or bed of her own. Many parents will share a room with their children while they're small to be close during nighttime feedings, but is it still a good idea into toddlerhood?

Getting your 'baby' used to a big kid bedroom

What's not to love about moving into a big kid bedroom? Well, from your baby's perspective, there may be plenty, from being further from you to not being wild about the curtains you picked out for the nursery. With a little careful negotiation, though, you may be able to talk her into seeing things from your point of view.

Toddlers and the bedtime routine

Your toddler is even more active than when she was a brand new crawler, exploring the world for the first time - and her rest is more important than ever.

Your toddler and nighttime wandering

Whether she's trying to discover a new continent or just make her way into your bed, it's not easy when your toddler thinks of her own bed as just a suggestion at night

Bore your toddler to sleep: Last-resort bedtime reading

One of the reasons toddlers seem to hate sleep some days is just that they love being awake so much - which is why it's your job as a parent or caregiver to convince them that being awake isn't always that great.

Strategies for preventing and coping with nightmares

Okay, so you can't always protect your baby from nightmares, but you can make them a lot less likely!

Sleep overview: 18 to 24 months

Good for your baby's mood, good for her memory, good for your ability to take a bathroom break with a less-than-two-year-old shadow - sleep seems like a pretty great thing all around, but at this age, your toddler might not always agree.

Dealing with toddler sleep regression

Now that your baby is officially on the move, it would seem like she would be sleeping just as hard, to get back all the energy she is using, but it's also right around this time that many toddlers seem to take a step backwards when it comes to sleep.

Your toddler the early riser

The birds aren't chirping, the sun isn't shining, and yet your toddler is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed anyway. What's up with your baby's internal clock, and how can you get a little more well-deserved sleep in the morning?

When your toddler resists naptime

During the toddler years, naptime can turn from a peaceful oasis into a battleground - but there are a few tools it can be helpful to have in your arsenal.

Transitioning to a toddler bed

The transition to a toddler bed is a coming of age story, and your baby is the star. Before you start guiding her on the journey, there's some things you may want to consider.

When your toddler can't fall asleep

When you hit the toddler years, it's easy to think that it'll be smooth sailing sleep-wise, now that your baby's out of the "infant" stage, but don't relax too soon.

Normal napping patterns for almost-two-year-olds

There's no magic formula for the perfect almost-2-year-old napping schedule, but there are some things that those almost-2s tend to have in common.

Handling your toddler's nightmares

Bad dreams are a pretty normal part of life, but for young children, who are still working out the difference between fantasy and reality, they can be especially scary.

Nightmares and night terrors

Sleep may be a welcome rest for tired parents, but for some toddlers, it can feel much scarier than that.

Napping patterns in the third year

Your toddler may still be pretty kid-like, but her sleep patterns are the most adult they've ever been - most of her sleep happens at night, for one thing, and while naps are probably here to stay for a while longer, she is only going to keep following that pattern as she grows.

Getting your toddler's sleep schedule back on track

It's one thing to build a sleep schedule from the ground up as your child grows, but what about the times when that schedule goes off course, like during a holiday or an illness, and it needs to be reset?

How much sleep should a two and a half-year-old get?

your baby's sleep patterns have been changing since the day she was born, but as she moves through the toddler years, they may start to settle into something more predictable - but not if her growing imagination has anything to do with it.

When your toddler has scary dreams

Scary dreams can be really disturbing. Fortunately, you're there to comfort your baby if she wakes up from a nightmare.

Being flexible with the bedtime routine

Every day with a toddler is its own obstacle course, and some nights, there are more obstacles to the bedtime-finish-line than others.

Your toddler's first pillow

Is your baby fully outfitted for her sweet dreams?

Setting reasonable bedtimes as your toddler moves into childhood

When your baby was just born, making sure she got enough sleep may have mostly just involved paying attention to when she was tired, but these days, it can take a bit more strategizing.

Common sleep problems in the third year

When it comes to toddlers, getting and staying asleep isn't always a walk in the park.

Pros and cons of quiet time at bedtime

Though you wouldn't know it from reading any single sleep philosophy, there's no one perfect way to make sure all children get a good night's sleep.

Tips for breaking the pattern of bedtime battles

Every toddler has the occasional rough night when it comes to bedtime, but if your baby acts like bedtime is the worst thing to ever happen to her every single night, you may need to break your family out of the cycle.

Is my almost-three-year-old ready to stop napping?

There are a lot of things toddlers your baby's age aren't doing anymore - waking up every three hours to be fed (usually), trying to fit her entire foot in her mouth (probably), and crawling (unless it's really REALLY fun) - but should napping be one of those things?

Are naps really necessary?

When your toddler switches off like a lightbulb at naptime, it's easy to look forward to, but if she has started to resist, parents can start to dread napping as much as their toddlers.

Six things to work into your bedtime routine

Putting a toddler to bed can be as complicated as learning to waltz, or as straightforward as tucking an already dozy sleeper in and tiptoeing out, but whether bedtime is a cakewalk or a little more complicated, there are a few steps that can help the journey run more smoothly.

What is a reasonable bedtime for an almost-three-year-old?

Plenty of toddlers say they're not ready for bed when bedtime rolls around, but whether or not your baby is right about that depends on how much she naps, and when she wakes up in the morning, as well as when the lights go out.

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