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Bonding with your baby as a non-genetic parent

Getting to know someone new is always an adventure, and getting to know someone who's your pre-verbal baby can feel even more challenging than most introductions, but your baby wants to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know her.

Washing your baby's clothes

No matter how much practice you have doing grown-up laundry, doing an infant's laundry is different. After all, how often do you have to get spit-up out of YOUR onesies?

What every parent should know about lead

You probably know that lead is dangerous, but do you know why, or what to look for in your home?

What you should know about crib safety

your baby spends quite a bit of time in her cozy palace we know as the crib, so what can you do to make it as safe a place as possible?

It takes a village: How community programs can enrich your baby's life

Maybe you haven't spent much time looking into community programs in your area before, but public programs can be a great resource for your future and your baby's.

Things to share, and not share, between multiples

With multiples, they're not hand-me-downs so much as hand-me-arounds. Sharing is caring, right?

7 car seat rules for a smooth ride

Between the lulling hum of a motor and the colorful landscapes gliding by, a car ride can be a surprisingly soothing place for babies. But in order for this to work, you'll need a car seat that your baby can stand being in!

Your babysitter checklist

Getting your baby a sitter for the first time can be stressful, so it's important to make a list of everything he or she needs to take care of your baby as well as you do. Okay, okay - almost as well.

12 baby-proofing must-dos

Nothing like some good old fashioned baby-proofing to remind you of all the dangerous things in your cozy home! Frankly, there are some things that your baby just shouldn't have access to right now, so knowing what to baby-proof will let you and your baby to enjoy your home that much more.

Converting unexpected places into nursery space

Parents have to get pretty creative sometimes, and finding space for all of the extra things you now have is no different.

Smart ways to save money as a parent

Before parenthood, you may have prided yourself on your frugality. But once your baby's arrival closed in, things probably got real expensive, real quick. Fortunately, the more parenting hours you have under your belt, the easier it will be for you to determine what's necessary to buy and what isn't. Here are some of the easiest ways to cut financial corners.

5 ways to ensure that your home has fresh air

Nooooo, we're not insinuating anything; we're sure your house is fresh even on its worst days! But taking a couple extra minutes to make it even fresher will help everyone in your household breathe a little easier.

Unexpected household dangers: the five Bs

So you've put up the baby gates, blunted the edges of the furniture, and covered up the electrical outlets. All of the cleaning products are locked safely away, appliances are far from water sources, and your drawers and cabinets have been baby-proofed closed. So what's left? Probably a lot.

What is BPA? Should I be concerned?

Parents of young children have plenty to worry about just trying to keep up with their offspring, without adding anything else to the list. Unfortunately, there are a few common chemicals that it's better if your child doesn't come into contact with, including BPA.

Making sure your home is safe for crawling

You probably don't have a lot of memories from the last time you were a curious crawling baby, so unless you remember those days like they were yesterday, it might be helpful to have a quick refresher on making the house safe for your baby as she gets more mobile.

What to do when baby hates the car seat

your baby is a little too young to understand the concept of 'safety first,' but that doesn't mean a car seat is negotiable. Before you throw in the towel and decide to buy an old-fashioned buggy to transport your baby around, try some of these tips for helping your baby make friends with the car seat.

Save these if you plan on having more kids

The only thing worse than having to get rid of the things you don't need anymore is having to get it all back when you realize that you need it again. If you're entertaining the idea of having more kids in the future, it's worth setting aside some time to decide what you want to keep and what can go.

An unpleasant but important guide to lice

Unless it was the word that helped you win a spelling bee, you probably don't have a very good association with the word 'lice.' But now that your baby is in the picture, the possibility of lice is, too. What can you do? Learn all you can and try to prevent it, mostly.

Vacation ideas when you've got a little one

If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, you might have already started thinking about how to plan your next tropical getaway with your baby, and a beach is actually a great destination to take her if you're itching to get some miles under both of your belts. If a beach trip isn't the trip for you though, we have some other ideas for vacations.

5 times you wish you had your camera

Back in the day, people would wait for weeks to get a photographer to come and take their picture. Thank goodness pictures have gotten more accessible since then. This said, there will still always be times that you woulda-coulda-shoulda taken a picture.

To clean the uncleanable

By the time your baby is in elementary school, not even the most gruesome bathroom mess will ruffle your feathers. You'll be a pro at erasing even the most dramatic kitchen disasters. But for now, you might need a little advice regarding how to clean what you previously considered uncleanable.

Let's come up with a new definition of "clean"

One day it will be possible to ask your baby to clean up after herself. Today is not that day! For at least the next few months, it might be really helpful to think about what clean means in a home with a newborn.

When do babies need their own rooms?

your baby is a little too young to be able to vocalize when she's ready to make the switch to a different room. So it looks like this decision will be left in your capable hands. Before you make any significant furniture rearrangements, consider the move from all angles (corners?).

Helping baby play nice with pets

your baby may love her favorite furry friend, but that doesn't mean she knows the best - or safest - way to play with your family pet. Lucky for your baby, she has you to help her out.

Helping to ease the room-sharing transition

Saying hello to a baby-less bedroom can be a little harder than you expect it to be - either emotionally or just practically, if your little one isn't the type to enjoy her privacy.

Making sure you can tell your multiples' baby pictures apart

Each of your children is special and unique...but babies do sure tend to look alike, especially those who are identical. There's no shame in using a few strategic methods to tell your multiples apart in the early days.

Introducing your baby to family far away

You and your cousins may have years of shared memories, but to your baby, they're just strangers who might look a little bit like you. Helping your little one start to see your family as her family may take a little bit of time to adjust.

Safety rules for baby's first time playing on the playground

If the playground doesn't seem like a scary place, imagine being the size of your baby. See? In a world of giants, and play structures that seem to reach the sky, there are some good guidelines parents and babies can follow to help them stay as safe as possible while turning the Fun Dial up to 11.

What's the perfect spacing between kids?

Thinking of a little brother or sister for your baby? Anyone you tell is going to have an opinion on the age-spacing of siblings, so how do you figure out the interval between children that's right for your family?

Expecting: telling your kids about a new addition

Telling your baby she's about to stop being the baby of the family can be tricky - especially if she is little enough that you two are still figuring out how to communicate, a little. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you break the big news.

Kitchen safety with your soon-to-be toddler

There's nowhere cozier than a family kitchen, but for babies who don't have much of a sense for how to play safely, a cozy kitchen carries its own dangers to be protected against.

Keeping your home safe for a toddler

Sure, you've baby-proofed, but as that baby turns into a toddler, with all the growing ability to cause havoc that comes with it, it may be time to take your baby-proofing to the next level.

Topics to discuss with your sitter

Leaving your little one with a sitter can be nerve-wracking, but knowing you've had the conversations you need to with your sitter before you go can help you feel more relaxed as you head into your night out.

Surprising places crawlers and early walkers can get into

With mobility comes a whole new set of challenges - figure out which troublesome places your baby might try to get into before she has time to think of them.

Why does getting out the door with a toddler take so long?

Getting out the door in the morning almost always takes longer than it feels like it should, but bringing a toddler with you takes the difficulty to a whole different level.

When to switch to a convertible car seat

One car seat definitely doesn't fit all, and as your baby grows, she may go through two or three before she is ready to graduate to the big-kid seats.

Making your own family's traditions

There's nothing like a new baby for forming a whole new version of your family, and with a new family somes new family traditions!

Playpens in the second year

When your baby was smaller, her playpen might have functioned more like a second crib, but it can have different uses now that she is a little older.

Cigarette smoke and your child

Cigarette smoke can be hazardous for young children, and directly breathing it in isn't the only way they can be exposed to it.

Party planning with a toddler: The survival guide

your baby doesn't have to put an end to your social life, if you're used to being the life of the party - you just might want to move the party forward so it starts a few hours earlier...and lasts a few hours less.

Are big vacations worth it with a toddler?

your baby probably hasn't seen too much of the wider world yet - is travel the way to fill the gap? Many families find that traveling together helps make them closer, but traveling with a toddler in tow also comes with its own unique challenges.

Helping your toddler bond with grandparents and other relatives

Grandmas are toddlers' best friends, right? But your toddler has to get to know hers before she learns that important fact.

Preparing for your toddler's first non-family babysitter

your baby may be a pro when it comes to being babysat by close friends and relatives, but having a babysitter she doesn't know yet is a whole different ball game.

Childproofing: the next chapter

You've baby-proofed, and maybe even toddler-proofed, but your child is turning into exactly that - a child - and with that comes a whole new chapter in your -proofing adventures!

Childproofing: the next chapter

You've baby-proofed, and maybe even toddler-proofed, but your child is turning into exactly that - a child - and with that comes a whole new chapter in your -proofing adventures!

When to stop using the high chair

The high chair may be a fixture in your kitchen or dining room today, but before you know it, your baby will be ready to squirm off of the adult-sized chairs when she is avoiding dinner.

Keeping relatives involved in your toddler's life when they live far away

Childhood is at its best when it's full of a cast of weird and wonderful characters - if you want your extended family to be an important part of your baby's, now is a great time to get started.

Car safety with your toddler

Whether your baby is one of those kids who loves car trips, or would love to never see her car seat again, it's important that she is loving or loathing the car in the safest way possible.

Making sure your convertible car seat is installed correctly

"Drive safely," takes on a whole new meaning when you've got a toddler on board.

Kitchen safety with a booster seat

You and your baby's high chair have been through thick and thin together, through solids and meltdowns and food fights, and when, eventually, it's time for you to say goodbye to that old friend, it wants you to be able to find the best possible replacement.

The tenets of tidiness: Teaching your toddler about cleaning up

You're the biggest role model your baby has, and she wants to be just like you, which makes now a great time to get her started forming good habits around cleaning.

When to stop using baby gates

Baby gates can be life savers when your toddler is just starting to toddle, but as she grows, she will eventually outgrow their usefulness.

Night light alternatives and helping toddlers enjoy the dark

Who doesn't get a little spooked when it's dark out once in a while? For toddlers, though, this fear can feel much stronger.

Are we there yet? Fueling up for long car trips with your verbal toddler

Long car trips are one thing when you've got a baby on your hands, but they turn into something else entirely as your baby gets old enough to ask "Are we there yet?"

Things to consider when baby wants a pet

She promises she will take care of it! She will love it so so so much! She will never ask you for anything ever again! Should you let your baby have a pet?

Keeping your car safe from your toddler

It's only right that keeping your baby safe when she is in your car, but once that's settled, there's nothing wrong with taking a few precautions to make sure your baby doesn't do too much damage to your car.

Talking to your toddler about moving

For people who are always changing themselves, toddlers aren't always great with big external changes. If your family is preparing for the big change of moving to a new home, talking to your toddler about the change can help her prepare.

When should my child move out of the high chair?

If having your baby sitting in a high chair is a big milestone, moving her out of it must be a huge one! But is your little one ready to make the switch?

Helping your child get along with pets

A dog may or may not be man's best friend, but she definitely doesn't always start out as your baby's. With a little of your help, though, your pet and your little one can grow into best pals.

Teaching children to play nice with baby siblings

Your toddler might be the sweetest kid around, but having a new baby sibling can have a strange effect on any child, so it may take a little extra effort to get your little ones to play together nicely.

Helping your toddler stay safe at home

Home is where your family can relax and spend time together. But through no fault of your own, many necessary and common household items can be dangerous for toddlers.

When to start giving responsibilities

Whether it starts tomorrow or when she gets assigned her first homework assignment, your baby's life is going to be full of more and more responsibilities as she grows. Many parents believe this responsibility should start at home.

When can I turn the car seat around?

It's easy to miss being able to see your baby's face when you're driving, but travel safety guidelines suggest keeping children in rear-facing seats for longer than many parents expect.

Dinner conversations to have with your toddler

your baby's conversational skills are still just getting started these days, but practice makes her language skills stronger every day, and the dinner table is a great place to get started.

Leaving an angsty toddler with the sitter

The best things in life are free. But there are also some pretty good things that cost money, one of which is hiring a babysitter. You'll get to enjoy some time away from the house while helping your baby feel more comfortable in the sitter's care.

6 reasons why the toddler years are the best years

It's called the "terrible twos" for a reason, but there's certainly a case to be made that the years of toddlerdom are the best years.

Your toddler's relationship with your pets

Dogs might be man's best friend, but baby's best friend can actually be any animal! From hamsters to horses, having a pet has a positive influence on your child's development, not to mention all of the adorable photo opportunities that come along with it. With your pet, your baby has a bonus source of unconditional love.

Dealing with intrusive questions about your child's adoption

It's amazing, the questions people will ask, sometimes. When people start to get nosy about how your family was formed, it can be helpful to have a plan for how to respond.

Your toddler's sudden hatred of the car seat

Whether they like the destination or not, there's a certain group of toddlers that just can't enjoy the journey if the journey happens by car.

Clean-up guide common for toddler messes

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share! Well, your baby can do a modified share.

Help! My toddler can reach the door handle

Babyproofing is one thing, but toddlerproofing doesn't end until the toddler years do, and every new skill your baby learns

Pieces of home to take on an overnight trip

Traveling can be a lot of fun, but for toddlers, it can also be pretty scary. SO what should you pack to make your baby's overnight trip feel like a home-away-from-home?

Talking to your child about a new sibling-to-be

It's easy for younger children - or even older ones! - to start to feel unsure when a new sibling comes along.

Helping your toddler get involved in the garden

your baby's interest and engagement in the world around her are blooming - and your garden can, too, with a little bit of a hand from your littlest helper.

Long car trips with your mobile toddler

your baby can be anything she wants to be, but what she probably ISN'T is sitting still very often. When it comes to long car trips, though, she may not have much choice.

Communicating your toddler's boundaries to relatives

To hug, or not to hug? That's a question adults get to decide the answer to themselves, but toddlers aren't always given the same courtesy.

How will I introduce the idea of a sibling to a toddler?

your baby's going to have a baby sibling! Is she excited? Sometimes that excitement can come down to how she's prepared for this big change.

Tips for packing for children

Packing for kids is often a balancing act between bringing all the stuff you actually need to make the trip run smoothly and not bringing so much that lugging it everywhere is a nightmare.

Toddlers and telephones

Extended family members can have such a big impact on childhood, but what's the best way to stay in touch when your baby's biggest fans are an airplane ride away?

Things that should still be toddlerproofed

As your baby grows, so does the number things she can reach to get her hands into.

Is my toddler mature enough to take care of a pet?

As she grows, your baby is getting more and more able to take care of herself, but she's also becoming more and more able to take care of some of the other members of your family.

Five ways to help young children bond with a new baby

Adding a new sibling to the family is always exciting, but there are a few ways parents can help to ease the transition.

Flying with an almost-three-year-old

If you and your baby are thinking of spreading your wings and trying some air-travel, it can help to have some toddler-specific tricks up your sleeve.

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