Eating & Nutrition

How often should I feed a newborn?

When your baby was in your womb, the only feeding schedule you had to worry about was your own, but things are different now. So how often does a newborn really need to feed?

Getting your newborn to latch on

No matter how many parenting books, websites, and apps you read, there are just some things that are best learned through experience. Getting a baby to latch for feedings falls into that category, but there are a few things it can be helpful to keep in mind.

Breastfeeding multiples

Feeding twins, triplets, or more can be a challenge when they're elementary-school aged, but the first year can be the biggest adventure of all, especially if you're planning on breastfeeding.

Breast pump cleaning guidelines

Having a clean breast pump protects your baby from bacteria and ensures that she is getting the safest nutritional experience possible.

Nutrition as the building block for your baby's growth

In the time between your baby's conception and her fifth birthday, she is going to go through almost uncountable changes, and all of these great big achievements are going to be fueled the same list of important nutrients.

A breastfeeding journey

Sometimes, it's just as important to hear, "You're doing so great," as it is to get advice.

How to choose a healthy formula

For the number of labels there are on the formula aisle of the grocery store, it can be surprisingly tricky to tell what's different about different types of formula.

7 tips for bottle feeding

Much like breastfeeding, bottle-feeding is an art, and everybody probably has some tips to help you out. We've got some too.

Lactation graham crackers with cinnamon almond butter

A delicious, nutritious treat designed to boost your energy and your supply.

Food allergies in the first two months

Food allergies are very rare in children too young to eat solid foods, but in some cases, they are possible, and it's important to identify them early on.

Myths and facts about WIC

You might be surprised by who is qualified for WIC - guidelines about who qualifies vary somewhat from state to state, but in 2014, almost 62% of infants in the U.S. qualified for WIC.

How can I get more milk when I'm pumping?

By now, most breastfeeding moms have probably picked up on the fact that breastfeeding doesn't always feel quite as "natural" and "instinctive" as it's so often described.

5 breastfeeding positions every breastfeeding mom should try

The media and other such reliable sources often depict breastfeeding as the most natural skill in the world. In reality, it's a skill just like any other, and like riding a bike or making the perfect guacamole, it takes practice and a little bit of improvisation. Thankfully, these 5 positions should help make breastfeeding a breeze.

How long does pumped and stored breast milk stay fresh?

Unlike store-bought milk, breast milk doesn't exactly come with an expiration date. It takes a little bit more knowledge and work to keep your breast milk as fresh as it was the day it was pumped.

Introducing the bottle to the breastfed baby

Many breastfeeding moms hope to introduce a bottle to their babies at some point. Bottle feeding grants you a little more freedom so that you can run errands, visit friends, or return to work without having to worry that your baby is hungry while you are away. So, how do you make it work?

How long should I breastfeed my baby?

We can't tell you the right or wrong answer to this question, but we can certainly offer a couple things to consider before you pick a time to wean your baby off breastfeeding.

Combining formula and breastfeeding

When it comes to breastfeeding, there are plenty of obstacles that families face, but it isn't all-or-nothing.

When can babies drink water?

Water is the elixir of life: companies sell it by the bottle, people rent vacation homes near it - people love water. But by now, you might have asked, when can your baby have her first drink of cool, refreshing H20?

Why does baby need to wait for solid foods?

You probably figured your baby wouldn't be able to eat solids for a bit, but you might be surprised to find just how long it will actually be until she can.

When should I change bottle nipples?

Let's face it: nothing's as resilient as the human body. Unlike real nipples, you'll have to replace store-bought ones after they've made it through several months of use. Here are some things to know about the lifespan of these nipples and how to tell if you should upgrade to ones that provide a different flow.

When can I put my baby in a high chair?

Family dinners feature into any picture-perfect family fantasy, and now that your baby is here, that image is closer than ever to coming true. There's a good chance your baby is the curious type, too, and you may be getting tired of leaving her at the kids' non-table. So when can your baby join the rest of the family in her own seat at dinner?

Let's talk about prepared baby food

A lot of adults think of baby food as little more than colorful goop, an entire blender's-worth away from "real food." But inside those little jars, there's more thought and diversity than meets the eye. In fact, commercial baby food is produced and distinguished by three stages that correspond to the average baby's age and physical development. Here's how it all works.

Can a baby taste food through breast milk?

It can seem silly that your baby might taste what you eat through breast milk: after all, she doesn't really get much exposure to adult foods quite yet. But how much can she taste through breast milk as a sneak peak to our culinary world?

Why do some breastfed babies reject the bottle?

Whether your happily half-breastfed, half-bottle-fed baby suddenly won't let that bottle nipple pass her lips, or you're trying to get a breastfed baby to make the switch to the partially-bottle-fed lifestyle in time for daycare, it can be unnerving when your child won't accept a bottle. What's a parent to do?

High chair safety tips

High chairs are one of those places that are assumed to be safe because they're so frequently used, and although they very, very mostly are, there are still some things to consider to ensure the safest sitting experience possible.

The skinny on food allergies

Now that your baby is starting to eat solid food, she is right on track to figure out her first favorite food, first least-favorite food, and - on the less fun side - if she is going to turn out to be one of the estimated one in thirteen children with food allergies.

How to make healthy and cost-effective baby food

Thanks to the rise of food blogs and gourmet Instagram feeds, it can be tempting to think of every day as a new opportunity for dining out. Unfortunately, eating out all the time can hit your bank account harder than a weekend in Vegas. And believe it or not, the same rule applies to store-bought baby food. So why not make your own?

How do solids affect a baby's poop?

If you truly want to understand that old saying, "You are what you eat," look no further than one of your baby's dirty diapers. Poop is a reflection of what we put into our bodies, and as she branches out and samples her very first solid foods, you're going to notice some changes in the composition of your baby's next output. Here's what you can expect.

Babies, solid foods, and when they should meet

Parenting is full of development milestones, and fun milestones, and ones that are a bit of both - like those first "bites" of solid foods!

Introducing new foods to your child

your baby doesn't know it yet, but there's life beyond breast milk - and so much delicious food out there for her to discover as she grows. Learn the official recommendations for introducing potential allergens to your baby, as well as the signs of an allergic reaction, so that you're totally prepared when serving your baby a culinary smorgasbord fit for a baby.

6 strategies for getting baby hooked on solids

The solid food "window" for most babies opens any time between 4 and 6 months; by this point, your baby's digestive system will be ready to tackle more complex cuisine than breast milk and formula. But not all babies take to solids with an open heart and mouth.

Homemade baby food - where to begin

Making your baby's food is not just for the health-conscious - many moms are choosing it for a variety of reasons, and the first among them is that you know exactly what your baby is eating, and can control the ingredients and quality.

Do babies have taste preferences?

Let's say you love sweet potato chips. Will your baby be born with the same sweet (potato chip) tooth? You might be surprised to learn that taste preferences actually come from a combination of factor, some of which include genetics and repeated exposure to flavors.

Putting the FUN in food

Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, sometimes a little play at mealtime is exactly what your baby needs.

That's so metal: iron in your baby's diet

Good old iron. You can't see it, but every second of the day, it's helping you and your baby survive and thrive, which is why it's important to make sure that your baby is getting enough iron from her food.

Helping baby avoid picky eating

Admit it, it's kinda funny to watch your baby spit out food that she doesn't like. But that gets old really quick, for both you and your kitchen floors. Don't take it personally. Just find out why it could be happening, and what you can do to try and fix it.

When can I introduce the sippy cup?

Sippy cups: the classic symbol of toddlerhood! When will your baby be ready to make the leap, and how can you help things go as smoothly as possible?

7 reasons to work yogurt into your baby's diet

your baby is a little too young for art appreciation. But there's another way you can help her get more cultured? Yogurt!

5 healthy foods for your baby

All your baby really needs is love . . . well, love and food. Here are five healthy, tasty, and interesting food items that you might not initially have chosen to decorate your baby's plate.

Mealtime hacks for life with a baby

Sure, you have your own food hacks - the possibilities are endless! Avocados in smoothies, peanut butter in ramen, and cereal instead of breadcrumbs for chicken, to name a few . . . But what about food hacks for your baby?

Food allergies vs. food sensitivities

You wouldn't tell someone with severe seasonal allergies that they had an 'autumn sensitivity'! Food allergies and food sensitivities are totally different concepts, and are caused by different mechanisms too.

Building a baby food stash without buying special equipment

If you want to save money and space, here are some tips for making baby food at home with equipment you probably already have.

7 tips for stopping nighttime feedings

There are a lot of suggestions floating around about when and how to stop nighttime feedings. Don't worry - we can't tell you what's right for you and your baby, because only you two know that. But we can give you some tips for when you start thinking about it!

When can my baby have cow's milk?

your baby is already drinking a certain kind of milk, so why not a cow's? There's actually a legitimate health risk about giving a baby cow's milk before his or her body is ready. Before you think about making the switch, find out why and when you can safely make the jump.

Spotting healthy baby snacks

Are your baby's snacking habits starting out on a healthy foot?

Helping your child establish healthy eating habits

Learning healthy eating habits is a long process, but now is the perfect time for your baby to start.

Helping your child establish healthy eating habits

Learning healthy eating habits is a long process, but now is the perfect time for your baby to start.

Spoon feeding or self feeding? The pros and cons of baby-led weaning

Parenting requires a lot of pros-versus-cons decisions. Ultimately, you'll choose the best decision for your family, but it doesn't hurt to weigh all the options when the jury's out on a certain call. Weaning is a perfect example of this - it's not a totally intuitive or obvious process. When deciding how to wean your baby you may want to look over some of the positives and negatives of the baby-led style of weaning.

When can babies start feeding themselves?

You're not the only one who might want your baby to start feeding herself - she might want to, as well! There is a timeline for these things though, and your baby will do best if she practices first.

Foods that will make your child totally forget about baby cereal

We know what you're thinking: how could any baby forget about cereal? The answer: these recipes.

Help! My baby won't self-feed

Some babies just wanna be fed. If you're worried about your baby not being able to self-feed, or simply having no desire to do so, it could help to read a little bit about the differences among babies and ways that you can nudge the process along.

Minimizing the mealtime mess

If it's starting to feel like you should be hosing the kitchen down after a meal, you're not alone - and there may be a few things you can do to keep the mess down to a manageable level.

Fun, healthy popsicles to make at home

There's nothing like hearing the ice cream truck coming, but sometimes, making your own, homemade treats can be even more fun, not to mention healthier.

Stages of silverware use

your baby probably won't have perfect table-manners from the moment she first sits at a table - for one thing, using silverware is a skill that can take some time to develop.

Helping babies eat on their own

your baby may not be ready for a solo-hike into the mountains yet, but she is more independent now than she has ever been before, and she just might be ready to try feeding herself.

Messy finger foods you hate to love

It's probably just a coincidence that your baby's very favorite foods are the ones that leave the kitchen looking like a hurricane just tore through it - right?

Is it okay to let my baby snack?

Snacking may get you through the long hours between lunch and dinner, but can your baby join you in nibbling on something tasty?

How do I switch my baby from bottle to cup?

Saying goodbye to the bottle can be a difficult emotional process - and a difficult physical one! With a little time and patience, though, your baby will be a practiced cup-drinker in no time!

Why can't babies eat honey yet?

There are plenty of things that young children aren't supposed to eat, but why is honey one of them?

To sippy cup, or not to sippy cup?

First comes bottle, then comes sippy - it's like something out of a nursery rhyme. A nursery rhyme that doesn't rhyme, maybe, but still a normal part of growing up. Not all parents think so, though, and some families choose to pass the sippy by altogether.

When can baby eat food that's been salted?

Even once your baby starts in on solids, there are a few foods that should still stay off her radar - including one of those controversial staples of tasty foods everywhere, salt. So how long should your baby keep living a salt-less life?

3 easy recipes for your 10-month old

Your baby may not be much of a gourmet yet, but budding taste buds are their own kind of challenge. Here are a few ideas for meals that might tickle your little one's palate.

Helping baby let go of the bottle

Have you ever had a very favorite butter-knife, one that's so special to you that you can't imagine eating a meal without it? Does being without it too long, even between meals, start to freak you out? No? Then you probably don't know exactly how your baby feels when she starts asking for her bottle AGAIN.

Why is my baby still spitting up?

Wasn't spitting up supposed to go the way of the dinosaur as your baby's digestive system matured? Parents of frequent spit-up-ers may be a little frustrated if milky baby-puke doesn't go extinct quite as fast as they were expecting.

4 quick meals for the whole family

Having your baby eat with the rest of the family can be a huge relief - but only if everyone in the family finds the possibly limited foods she can easily eat to be tasty. Some meals, though, are crowd-pleasers no matter how old the crowd is (or isn't).

5 easy-to-clean-up snacks your baby will love

When it comes to feeding your child their first foods, there are many important factors to consider: allergens for one, taste for another, but perhaps most important? How easy a food is to clean up.

Switching your child to real food

Whether it's a rite of passage or just giving up on feeding your baby a separate dinner from the rest of the family, the switch from baby food to regular-people food is a big deal - and can be a bit of an adjustment.

Baby's possible drop in appetite around a year old

It can be scary when a baby who used to be able to clear her highchair tray easily suddenly isn't eating as much, but for many babies, a bit of a drop in appetite around the end of the first year is totally normal.

What to do when baby hates the sippy cup

Moving to the sippy cup is a big move for any baby, but it's not always the easiest transition. So, how can you help your little one make the big jump?

Foods that are no longer off-limits

Your toddler's diet once was limited, but now is - well, probably still limited by the fact that she still doesn't have a full set of teeth. It's definitely full of a lot more foods than it included even a few months ago, though!

Foods that are no longer off-limits

Your toddler's diet once was limited, but now is - well, probably still limited by the fact that she still doesn't have a full set of teeth. It's definitely full of a lot more foods than it included even a few months ago, though!

Introducing cow's milk

For the first year of her life, your baby had a little bit of a different definition of "milk" than the rest of the family, but she is about ready to graduate to the next nutritional level, if she hasn't already.

What is toddler formula?

Just when you thought you were out of the formula-woods, a wild follow-up appears! But is toddler formula really necessary?

Helping your messy eater transition to an open cup

As your baby grows, the way she eats and drinks does, too. If your toddler is still drinking from a bottle, now might be a good time to help her figure out the mechanics of drinking from an open cup, all on her own.

Tips for encouraging utensil use

Eating cereal with her fingers was adorable for a while, but it's about to be National Utensil Day in the United States of your baby. Introducing forks and spoons into the mix is going to shake up meal time in a major way.

Introducing your toddler to new textures at mealtime

For someone who mostly lived on a liquid diet until very recently, mealtimes can be full of excitement, adventure, and nervousness, and not just because of all the new flavors - the new textures that come with solid foods can throw your baby for a loop, too.

Making sure your toddler gets proper nutrition

Healthy eating is one of the most important ingredients that go into a healthy life, and your little one is right in the middle of setting up patterns that could effect the way she eats for the rest of her life. No pressure, though.

Can toddlers have sweets?

Whether it's your baby's birthday or her first big holiday, eventually, the question of sweets in her life is going to come up, and when it does, you're going to want to have an answer ready.

Toddlers and multivitamins

Not all vitamins are massive, stone-colored pills. But are even the cheerful gummies and chalky cartoon chewables needed in your child's diet?

When should a child use silverware?

Of course an infant can't use a spoon and fork - and of course teenagers generally can. But the point when that changes is often not as clear in a parent's mind until they have the chance to watch the transition themselves. So when should your little one be able to start to eat a little bit more politely?

Establishing dietary rules for toddlers

What will your toddler eat today? A three-course meal, or just a nibble of toast before she notices the crust? Toddler appetites can be hard to predict, which can make establishing nutritious habits tricky.

Great breakfasts for your toddler

What's a parent to do when one of the family's youngest members is having trouble seeing the importance of the most important meal of the day? Maybe it's time to give breakfast a makeover.

Strategies for introducing strange new foods

Whether it's something she has never tried anything like in her life, or just something she hasn't seen much of since it was in season last summer, there's a good chance there has been a food she has taken one look at and thought, "no way."

Healthy lunch ideas for your toddler

Whether you've got a picky eater or a mealtime explorer on your hands, it never hurts to give yourself and your little one some new frontiers to discover when lunch time rolls around!

Toddlers and picky eating

New rule - your baby should only be allowed to have as many quirky eating habits as she has teeth, right? Unfortunately, that's not the type of rule she is likely to follow, so you may have to come up with another plan if picky eating strikes.

Feast or famine: Your toddler's varying appetite

Whether she's joyful or inconsolable, your toddler lives by extremes, so why should her appetite be any different?

Toddlers and silverware regression

Toddlers don't have a lot of tools at their disposal when they decide to go on strike, so don't be surprised if things start to get a little messier again at mealtime.

Delicious dinners for the whole family

The key to life with a toddler is flexibility, and that goes for the foods your family eats for dinner as well as the grocery trips it takes to go and get them.

Weaning a nursing toddler

Nursing a baby into toddlerhood can be both challenging and rewarding, and so can the process of weaning her.

Solving food issues with your toddler in the second year

Mealtime can get tricky. But at the end of the day, it boils down to this: you provide your baby with healthy food options, and she picks what she wants to eat.

Toddlers and treats

There's nothing wrong with a little treat now and then, but toddlers aren't exactly known for their self-control. your baby may not know it yet, but she's counting on you to keep an eye on her sugar intake until she is ready to do it for herself.

Encouraging adventurous eating in the second year

As your baby explores the world around her, you're probably already trying to encourage her to explore the mysterious frontiers of her plate at dinner, too.

Ways to make eating with utensils fun

You probably don't remember learning how to use a fork. But believe it or not, there was a time in your life when you had no idea what that thing was for, or how it worked. Now that you've got years of mealtime experience under your belt, it's time to help your baby start getting a feel for using utensils while she eats.

How many calories does a toddler need?

Toddlers have small stomachs, but they also have a lot of growing to do.

Two-year-olds and sweets

Nothing's sweeter than your baby. Well, except sugar. And artificial sweeteners. And maybe fruit sometimes? What are you supposed to do about all those sweets, anyway?

The benefits of toddlers playing with their food

Food on the floor? Food on the walls? Food as your baby's outerwear? It's not all bad.

Sick day meals for fussy toddlers

When toddlers have a cold or even a fever - really any sort of sickness - they might lose their appetite and not want to eat much. Want to end that hunger strike stat? Here are some tips and tricks to make food seem a bit more appealing while your toddler's appetite is lacking.

Sneaky ways to add extra iron to your toddler's diet

Even the most adventurous eaters will have days when a plate full of spinach just isn't the most appealing lunch time fare. So to make sure your toddler gets all the iron they need, here are some clever ways to incorporate versatile, iron-rich foods into your little one's meals.

Encouraging your toddler to use silverware

So maybe your baby CAN you her fork or spoon to feed herself, but what are you supposed to do when she chooses not to?

Should my toddler be taking a multivitamin?

Toddlers' appetites are as unpredictable as the weather, so it can be tempting to nutritionally back them up with something sure, like a multivitamin. But is it necessary?

Toddlers who won't chew

In one way, it's a compliment - the food you make your baby is so yummy she doesn't even want to slow down long enough to chew it. In another, though, it can get a little scary when toddlers won't chew their food.

Introducing your toddler to adult dishes

From sippy cups to plates with her favorite characters' faces on them, children's dishware is more fun than anything adults eat off of, but how long should it stick around?

When can I stop worrying about choking hazards with food?

your baby is an old hand when it comes to chewing these days, so does her lunch still hold hidden hazards?

Does sugar make kids hyper?

People used to think the earth was flat. And hollow. And the center of the universe. That was a long time ago, but there are still some beliefs floating around that may not actually be true, especially when it comes to health.

How long should a toddler use a sippy cup?

The sippy cup can be both a toddler and parent's best ally when learning how to drink like a big kid but when is it time to ditch the training wheels and transition to a regular glass?

Reintroducing foods your toddler has refused in the past

Not every food has to be your baby's favorite, but a no once doesn't need to be a no forever, either.

Helping toddlers develop healthy food-regulation habits

Healthy eating habits start in the toddler years - but from the way so many toddlers act when mealtime comes around you'd never know it.

Finding kid-food at restaurants with no children's menu

Not every restaurant is set up with your baby in mind, but that doesn't mean she can't manage a lovely meal there!

Help! My little one won't eat anything!

Picky eating isn't uncommon, but some toddlers take it to a whole new level.

Fun new ways to introduce vegetables

your baby may be growing fast, but that doesn't mean her taste in food is getting bigger with her. Some toddlers need a little extra encouragement before they become true veggie-connoisseurs.

Table manners for toddlers

Whether your baby is the neatest eater in her playgroup, or a tiny tornado at the dinner table, there's a good chance she still has a lot to learn about table manners.

How much should my toddler eat?

Toddler appetites are mysterious things, but with a little decoding, you can make sure your baby's appetite is steering her towards balanced nutrition.

Does my toddler drink enough water?

Running here, bouncing there - how much water does an active toddler need to stay fully hydrated?

Toddler feeding problems

As your little one grows, she will probably go through plenty of food phases for no reason you'll ever be able to pinpoint, but if she consistently seems to be having trouble finding her appetite, there may be an underlying reason for it.

Getting your picky eater a balanced diet

Food is one of the most basic human needs, so why do toddlers seem so determined to keep you from making sure they get enough?

What kind of milk should my toddler be drinking?

As your baby grows, the recommendations for her healthiest diet are going to keep changing with her.

Emerging food allergies in the toddler years

If you've introduced all of the most common allergens to your baby without any problems, you might feel ready to let your guard down at mealtime, but food allergies can emerge at different times in childhood, so it never hurts to know what to look for.

Tips for transitioning away from a sippy cup

Has your baby held onto the sippy cup as other toddlers have let it go? As she comes closer to her third birthday, it may be a good time to start thinking about making the switch.

Help! My toddler won't eat meat!

Whether it's for ethical or aesthetic reasons, sometimes a toddler just needs to take a stand. Unfortunately for parents, sometimes that stand happens over the dinner table.

Pros and cons of snacktime

What's smaller than dinner, but bigger than the amount of energy you have after wrangling hungry toddler in the hours leading up to dinner? Snacktime, of course!

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