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The first week: bringing baby home

Congratulations on the new arrival! Big changes come in small packages - here's what to expect that first week.

Holding your preemie

Holding a newborn is one of those normal new-parenting experiences that can be a little more complicated when your little one is born prematurely.

Newborn poo: a quick and dirty guide

Let's face it: wiping up poop isn't anybody's favorite activity, but when it's for somebody like your baby whom you love so much, it's pretty easy to look past the...poopyness of it all. So what should you expect from a newborn's poop?

Why do some newborns lose weight?

Right now probably seems like a strange time for your baby to be trying a crash diet. Doesn't she need all the nutrients she can get? Fortunately, this is common among newborns, and there are a couple of reasons why it could be happening.

1 week old

A week is a long time for some things. A week-long speech? Brutal. A week-long movie? Unfathomable. A week-long existence so far? Different story.

Your newborn's vision in the first month

Things would look pretty different if you were seeing them through your baby's eyes. In fact, vision-wise, you two are gazing at two separate worlds right now. These differences won't last forever, but for the time being, it can be helpful to know just what your baby sees - and doesn't see - when she gazes off into the distance.

2 weeks old

your baby isn't walking quite yet, but she has already done a lot of learning in these first two weeks.

How to burp your newborn

Burping on a first date is a no-no, but burping in the first few months of life is a big yes-yes. Every baby needs burping - but not every baby can be burped the same way. You'll want to use trial and error to see which of these 4 positions works best for your baby's gassier moments.

Why do newborns have more bones than adults?

As demonstrated in kindergarten concerts across the world, adults have 206 bones in their bodies. But believe it or not, newborns have more. Let's go ahead and give you a fun fact to drop at playgroup.

3 weeks old

your baby's appetite is growing, as is her vision, but her hours slept per night might be a statistic that's not quite on the rise yet.

Keeping baby sunburn-free

The sun is beautiful, the sun is warm, the sun is...dangerous? If you've ever had a sunburn, you know the sun's friendliness has its limits, so it's important to know how, why, and when to keep infants protected.

Why does my newborn have a soft spot?

You probably have a soft spot for your baby, and she definitely has a soft spot for you! A couple, even.

4 weeks old

Not that your baby won't continue to learn throughout life, but right now, when she doesn't know much, there's a lot of room to pick up some new tricks.

When do newborns start smiling?

You'd think that after months and months (and months) curled up in a ball in a cozy little cave, newborns would have more to smile about, but it's actually very unlikely to notice real smiles that early. So, when does smiling start?

5 weeks old

As your baby gets more vocal and attentive, you can expect big changes on the horizon. Just make sure you have the wipes handy.

Chapped lips in babies

It can sometimes be difficult to remember that babies aren't just adorable little balls of cuddly rainbows; they're full-fledged people like the rest of us. And they can, unfortunately, struggle with the ailments and annoyances that affect everybody else, like chapped lips. However, there are some things that adults use to help chapped lips that aren't so healthy for babies, so it's best to have a plan for safe management.

6 weeks old

Quick: think of your favorite activity. If you immediately thought 'tummy time,' then you're probably an infant.

7 weeks old

your baby may not be fully independent yet, or really in any meaningful way whatsoever, but that won't stop her from trying.

My baby is gassy...what do I do?

It's not a bad manners thing - babies just tend to be really gassy! But what makes them so gassy? And what should you do about it?

8 weeks old

your baby's social skills just keep on developing, as well as her love for you!

5 ways to manage diaper rash

Diaper rash is a common skin rash that babies get due to continuous wetness or infrequent diaper changes. If you see a patchwork of bright red skin on your baby's butt, don't panic. Diaper rash can be caused by a wide range of issues, including changes to your or your baby's diet, antibiotics, and diarrhea. Luckily, diaper rash is easily treatable at home, and with these five tips you'll have your baby's bottom as good as new in no time.

9 weeks old

If it doesn't seem like your baby is in complete control of each of her actions, you're probably right. But that doesn't mean that every jerky move she makes isn't getting her ready for the future.

Should I be concerned about thumb-sucking?

Thumb-sucking gets very high approval ratings among the baby community, but parents' opinions tend to be more mixed. So, should you be concerned about thumb-sucking?

10 weeks old

Is your baby getting mouthy around this time? No, not talking back...just putting objects in her mouth to learn about the world!

When will baby's teeth start coming in?

The sudden arrival of your baby's teeth is an exciting milestone, but rarely a quiet one. So when does the whole process start?

11 weeks old

Life with a baby is all about routine, but when growth spurts happen - and they do happen - sometimes you've got to change things up.

Taking care of your baby's skin

If we're gonna stick with the "bun in the oven" comparison, then right now your baby's exterior is as fresh as it's ever gonna get. Learning how to take care of your baby's skin will allow you to keep it healthy as your baby is slowly exposed to more and more of the world.

Is it okay to pierce my baby's ears?

When it comes to parenting choices, there's always going to be disagreement. Nursing or formula? Cloth or disposable? To use a pacifier or not? For most of these questions, there's an argument to be made for either side, so how about ear piercing?

12 weeks old

your baby still does most of her communicating through the killer combo of cries and poops, but she is working on other methods, too.

Why do babies drool?

Drooling is as closely associated with babies as diapers are. But why are they so prone to drooling?

When do babies grow hair?

Different babies grow at different paces, and this is no different for their hair. So when does this growth normally happen?

3 months old

If the theme of your baby's first three months was "adorable silence," the theme of the next three might be "silly sputtering." Get ready for some of the babiest baby talk you've ever heard!

How to prevent baby bottle mouth

Of all the things that can threaten your baby's well-being, it's the little things, like her bottle, that can be the most unexpected.

4 months old

Can you believe that your baby is about twice the weight she was at birth? There are other big developments happening now too as she gets more and more in control of her body everyday.

Is my baby teething?

The process of teething starts before those teeth actually poke through, so your baby might have started without your knowing. Here's what to look for.

Baby's eyesight development timeline

your baby sure has come a long way, but there's still more to go! So, what's happened in the last four and a half months with her eyesight, and what's left to come?

Helping your baby stay comfortable while teething

Very few parents look back fondly on the days of teething, but just because it's not exactly one of life's highlights, doesn't mean there aren't some ways to help get through it.

Is genital play normal?

It can be an uncomfortable moment, the first time a parent notices their child becoming interested in her own genitalia, but 'uncomfortable' doesn't have to be a cause for concern.

5 months old

A lot has happened in 5 months, but some of the bigger milestones are right on the horizon. From teething, to solids, to crawling and more, the next month is an exciting time in the life of any baby.

Why do babies have flat feet?

Take a close look at your baby's feet. Closer. Closer. NOT THAT CLOSE! Ok perfect. Notice anything strange? If you just thought to yourself, "hey, why are your baby's feet flat?", sit tight, because you're about to find out.

5 tips for brushing baby's teeth

your baby may not get her permanent, grown-up teeth for a few years, but her baby teeth are just around the corner, and it's never too soon to start protecting those pearly whites - even if they're not visible yet.

6 milestones that might not make the scrapbook

Scrapbooks (and all of their electronic counterparts) record a lot of important things, but there are some moments that, for one reason or another, won't be recorded. That doesn't mean those moments aren't worthy of celebration, though - or at least celebration of the fact that they're over.

6 big changes in the first 6 months

A lot can change in 6 months. Here's a rundown of the six most noticeable changes that your baby has gone through this past half-year.

6 months old

My, what fine motor skills you've got there! The sixth month has been one of lightning fast development across a number of different areas.

What if my baby's teeth are crooked?

If you once had the exquisite pleasure of wearing braces, you might see orthodontia everywhere you look. But when it comes to your baby's teeth now, a little crookedness doesn't necessarily mean anything. In fact, some baby teeth differences mean good things for a future adult smile.

Your baby's sense of smell

your baby 's nose isn't just the cutest thing ever - it's also highly functional. Right now her sense of smell is one of her most developed senses.

Things to keep out of baby's mouth

Imagine if there were no germs, and everything was clean. That's kind of how your baby sees things, and it's the main reason why she feels okay about stuffing even the grossest objects into her mouth. Toys and socks are nearly unavoidable, but there are some things you'll want to keep far away from your baby's pie hole.

7 months old

The seventh month was all about self-discovery, and trying new things, but now it's time to hone those skills and discover the rest of the world!

Dressing a baby for the different seasons

You know how the wrong outfit can just ruin your day? your baby might feel the same way, even if she doesn't have much of a fashion sense yet.

Does this mean baby is a lefty?

Lefties are rare, majestic creatures, and it can be hard to wait to find out if your baby is going to fly in their special flock.

Protecting your baby from bee stings

There's a time and place to meet a real live queen. And that time and place is you and your baby's first trip to England - not your first expedition through the backyard. Just because bees sustain most of the life on this planet doesn't mean you want your baby near them or their stingers. Here's how to be prepared for your baby's first exposure to those fuzzy honeys.

6 similarities between babies and superheroes

your baby isn't completely ready to fight crime, but you'd be surprised at what she has in common with some of your favorite extraordinary gentlemen and women.

8 months old

Even if your baby likes to live on the wild side, it should always be safety first for you. And with all of the added mobility that comes with learning to scoot, creep, or crawl, it's probably time to give your babyproofing another look.

Why are some babies bowlegged?

Noticing that their baby is bowlegged can be a sour note on the otherwise sweet frosting of a parent's 'baby's first steps' cake. But if your baby looks like she has bowed legs, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem - in fact, there's a biological reason why they might look that way.

9 months old

Time to get chatty! Some babies are speaking by now, but for most, this upcoming month could bring a lot in the way of verbal action.

When should we switch to a sippy cup?

As your baby gets bigger, she has more new experiences every day - but when is the right time for the new experience of drinking from a cup?

All about baby vomit

Vomit is one of the substances with the biggest yuck-factor that the body produces. Unfortunately, it's also a one of the things it's a good thing to keep an eye on when you're trying to figure out which of the bugs your baby picks up are worth worrying about.

10 months old

your baby is probably cutting teeth like mad, but that's not all that's happening this month!

Helping baby wean off the pacifier

There's a good chance getting your baby to drop her pacifier habit won't be easy, but for many parents, the result is worth the process.

When will baby be done teething?

Teething is no fun for your baby, and at this point, you're probably not enjoying it too much, either. So how long will it be until she has two full rows of pearly whites?

What if baby still has a flat head?

your baby's body is changing every day - including her skull, which is still soft enough to gradually change shape. There are several reasons for a flat spot on a baby's head, most of which are harmless, but a few may require a check-in with a pediatrician.

Is it normal for babies to fall when learning how to walk?

Every baby who's still working out how to walk has taken a tumble or two with no harm done - it's just part of the process. What's trickier is figuring out which tumbles to worry about, and which to let her walk off.

11 months old

With the last month of the first year coming up, your baby has done a lot of learning and growing, but she isn't quite done yet.

Why do some babies head-bang?

your baby is little enough that anything that seems strange can be worrying, but banging her head on the mattress, crib, or wall to soothe herself to sleep may actually be a fairly common and generally pretty harmless habit.

What to do when baby figures out how to take off their diaper

After a long day at work, most of us like sitting down, kicking off our shoes, and relaxing. Some babies do something similar...just with their diapers.

Big changes in the second year

After a first year that exciting, your baby's going to pull out all the stops in the second!

1 year

Happy birthday to your baby!

Physical changes in the second year

One year down, now it's time to do it all again! your baby's second year will come with cognitive changes like increased vocabulary and better understanding of patterns, but there are also exciting physical changes in store.

Second year milestones

your baby's second year can't help but be an adventure, with all the things she is going to learn how to do as it goes on!

When do molars come in?

Most parents immediately think of young infants when they think of "teething," but there's still a whole lot more beneath the surface.

Warning signs for respiratory allergies

Colds are common in your baby's first few years, but they're not the only reason she might be going through life with a long, slow case of the sniffles.

13 months old

your baby is past the one-year mark, but she isn't all grown up quite yet!

The case for bare feet in early walking

You want to protect your little one from any harm that might come her way, and she sure does look cute in tiny toddler shoes. However, if the ground beneath your baby's feet isn't dangerous, bare feet is actually best!

Will my toddler be afraid or reluctant to go to the dentist?

Many adults have less-than-positive feelings about going to the dentist, but where do those feelings come from? Is it possible to instill a deep love of the dentist in your baby? Maybe!

Toddlers and hair color

Your toddler isn't always going to have such tiny fingernails - and she might not even have the same hair color too much longer - they grow up so fast!

Should I still be carrying my toddler?

The answer to this question largely depends on your answer to another: do you still want to be carrying your toddler?

14 months old

As your baby is probably working on all sorts of new tricks, like talking and walking, you'll be able to play a more and more active role in her learning and development.

Your toddler and body image

When you look at your baby, you see someone amazing - so how can you make sure she sees the same thing?

Weaning your toddler off the pacifier

Binkie, paci, dummy: whatever you call it, the time is coming for your baby to drop the pacifier habit, and as the parent, you'll probably have to step in and get the ball rolling.

Tips for toddler sunburns

A fun day in the sun can easily be followed by a sunburned day on the couch if you don't have quite enough UV protection. Soothing your toddler when she is dealing with a sunburn takes a magic touch (and a little aloe vera).

A toddler's growing immune system

It can be frustrating when your toddler grows out of what seems like a brand new pair of shoes - again - but one kind of growth is pretty much always a positive: your baby's immune system. It's been growing since the day she was born, and look how big and strong it's getting!

16 months old

your baby has always been able to HEAR what you say, but these days, she might start to do better in the listening department.

Signs of vision problems in toddlers

You and your toddler may not always see eye to eye, but it's important to make sure that difference of opinion comes down to the fact that you're both individuals with unique points of view, and not a problem with her developing vision.

When will my toddler waltz? A skills breakdown

Does your baby have her dancing shoes on?

17 months old

"17" is a number that doesn't get a lot of love, but we bet your little one sure does.

Do I need to worry about moles on my toddler?

Life with a toddler is full of surprises, but beauty marks can feel like the worrying kind.

18 months old

your baby's language skills might be growing as fast as her feet this month!

How tall is my child going to be?

Even now, when your baby is just as cute as a button, it's still natural to wonder about what she will be, and look like, as she gets older. And part of that is how tall she will be.

The evolution of your toddler's posture

Once your little one started sitting up and walking without assistance, she started developing her posture! What can you do to make sure she doesn't also develop slouchy shoulders and a back hunch?

Skin care for toddlers

What's the biggest organ of your toddler's body? Her skin! It's also the part of her body that takes the most wear and tear as she goes charging around having adventures, so it only makes sense that it should get a little extra care sometimes, too.

19 months old

Sharing is caring, but your baby probably doesn't care too much about that, yet - don't worry, it's all part of the process!

Signs your toddler is ready for potty training

They grow up so fast! A lot of the time, that growth can feel bittersweet, but it's a rare parent who isn't completely excited for the growth that leads to potty training!

20 months old

your baby doesn't know everything yet, but she's learning more every day, and she's using her body language and your help to do so.

Rash or acne?

Lots of toddlers act like little teenagers, but most of them don't have the skin concerns to go with the attitude.Toddlers do occasionally get little breakouts, but they're rarely true acne.

21 months old

The more your 21-month-old learns, the more she wants to know!

Teaching your toddler about germs

As your baby grows, she's going to keep running, playing ...and getting dirty. She is learning and growing and getting covered in germs that she'll bring home from all her adventures.

22 months old

your baby is learning how to do more and more new things every day - and that's great, right?

23 months old

your baby's on her way up in the world! Up the stairs, anyway, probably.

Introducing your toddler to hand-washing

Scrub-a-dub-dub, not just for the bathtub! As your baby grows, she is taking baby-steps towards being able to take more responsibility for her own health, and washing her hands is one of the first ways she will learn about!

Toddler breath-holding spells

Breath-holding mid-tantrum isn't just a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but actually fairly common in toddlers your baby's age.

Big changes in the third year

If you thought your baby changed a lot in the last year, just wait until you see what the coming year has in store!

Getting sunscreen on a squirmy two-year-old

When it comes to sunscreen, getting your baby to cooperate can be quite a challenge, but fun in the sun gets a whole lot more fun when you've had a successful pre-sun slathering - and it stays fun a lot longer.

2 years 1 month

your baby is going to see a lot of changes as a two-year-old, and one of them is that a lot of her growth is going to be less visible, as she starts to put some more time into her cognitive skills.

Seasonal allergies and the toddler years

Does your tot have a runny nose that never goes away? If it follows a seasonal pattern, it may be a seasonal allergy.

2 years 2 months

your baby may not seem like she needs much help to stay active, but structured play is an important part of her physical activity diet, and you're one of the best people to do that structuring.

How you catch and pass a cold

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a germ! These things fly through the air, seemingly defying gravity, but there are explanations for all of their mysterious ways. The way that colds are caught and passed are tied up in the secrets of how germs travel.

2 years 3 months

As you've surely noticed by now, learning to walk doesn't end after your baby's first steps get enshrined in the scrapbook - she's learning more and more every day, and you have the chance to give her new opportunities to stretch her wings!

Toddlers who look older than they are

A toddler's face is an open book, but it doesn't always tell the whole story.

How much exercise do toddlers need?

Running, skipping, jumping - it may seem like not getting enough exercise is the last thing your toddler has to worry about, but how much active play does she actually need?

2 years 4 months

So many things are stronger in the third year of your baby's life, from her body, to her understanding of the world, to her emotions. Lucky for her, you're stronger now, too.

Turning "keep from spreading germs" into a game

There are germs everywhere. Literally.

2 years 5 months

Not only is your baby learning new things every day, but she's actually getting better at learning - which is cool because she was pretty good at learning to start with, wasn't she?

How can I get my child to stop running?

One second, your baby is with you, and the next second, she is flying down the hallway/museum/sidewalk/frozen food section. Is this the thanks you get for all that time spent teaching her how to walk?

Toddlers and body image

your baby is becoming more aware of her body, including what it can do, but also how it looks.

2 years 6 months

your baby's social development is moving forward, but in a way that isn't always obvious to adults, since the way toddlers this age are interested in each other doesn't have too much to do with the way adults make friends.

2 years 7 months

your baby is entering the phase in her life where the milestones she meets may have as much to do with her opportunities and interests as with where she is developmentally.

2 years 8 months

There are a lot of things your baby loves, but unless she is a very rare kind of toddler, bedtime probably isn't one of them.

2 years 9 months

Remember when dinnertime was easy? Whether you're thinking back to before your baby came along, or just to a few short months ago when she wasn't so suspicious of any food that wasn't beige, you'll make it back to that happy place again someday! In the meantime, there are a few tricks that can help you have more harmonious meals with your kiddo.

Why might a toddler have dark circles under their eyes?

Is your tot up burning the candle at both ends? Maybe, but there could be another reason for those dark circles under her eyes.

Outdoor safety hazards

There sure is a lot of 'outdoors' out there, and you can help your baby navigate it more safely than she might without your guidance.

2 years 10 months

"You are what you eat," actually applies a lot more to your baby's pretend play than to her dinner - she probably isn't literally a green bean, but she may pretend to feed green beans to her teddy bears a few days after they're on your dinner menu.

2 years 11 months

your baby may not always be able to identify what someone else is feeling, but she's starting to care more about how other people feel - whether she seems like it or not.

When do baby teeth start falling out?

your baby's baby teeth are all shiny and new now, but before too long, they'll be ready to say goodbye.

3 years

Happy birthday to your baby! She has a whole year of brand new milestones to look forward to.

Big changes in the coming year

Toddler no more! your baby is officially turning into a preschooler, and with this comes quite a few fun changes for the year ahead.

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