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8 must-packs for an outing with your newborn

You bring sneakers to the gym and sunscreen for a day at the beach. But there are at least 8 staples you'll need when you bring your baby on an outing.

Comparing baby transport methods

During pregnancy, your baby's transportation needs are pretty easily met. Well, maybe not easily, but at least it's relatively convenient. It's a different story once she is born, as there's simply no shortage of options. So which one works best for you?

Tips for playing safely with baby

Your little one has grown a bit and no longer looks quite so tiny and new as she did before. Follow these tips to ensure that playtime with your baby is both safe and fun.

Pros and cons of mobiles

your baby doesn't know numbers yet, so there's little hope that she will count sheep to fall asleep. Would a mobile help your baby drift off into dreamland or at least keep her entertained while she is lying in the crib? You might be surprised to find that there are two opposing theories on mobiles.

6 ways to keep baby still at changing time

Monsters under the bed, ghosts in the attic - they're a breeze compared to the havoc that your baby can wreak on the changing table. We've got two words for you: flying poo. If you've been stressing lately about taking your baby to the table, there are a few ways you can improve your changing game.

When can I start introducing toys?

Just about everything is interesting to your baby right now - and why shouldn't it be? It's all brand new! But just like you wouldn't put a calculator in front of her and expect her to know what to do with it, there are a couple of things to consider when picking out what toys to present to your baby.

Our 4 favorite baby games

The science is in: playing games does wonders for the human brain. Sure, your baby might not be ready to take up residence behind a chessboard just yet, but that shouldn't stop you from drawing out her natural curiosity and playfulness.

Why do babies need to stay active?

When your baby is waking you up at 2 a.m., it can be tough to remember that normally, babies do love to sleep. They sleep a lot, in fact, if you think about it. And though they need all of it, active time is just as important.

Fun tummy time games

Every so often, your baby needs to spend a little time on her tummy. Variety is the spice of life, and anyway, staring at the ceiling gets pretty boring after several hours. There are a couple of fun things you can do to make sure your baby gets the most out of her time on "the other side".

What is a baby massage?

It's pretty universally agreed upon that massages are relaxing and fantastic, and believe it or not, your baby is actually probably firmly in that camp. So what IS a baby massage?

When can I carry baby in a back carrier?

Back-carriers seem like a common sense way to carry your baby around - after all, you've probably had some experience lugging around a backpack before. But when are they safe to use?

Walkers, bouncers, and more

What happens when you need to pull something out of the oven or answer the phone, but your baby is wrapped up tight in your arms? You'll need a place to put her that can provide proper support and a comforting range of motion. Luckily, the baby market offers several time-tested solutions for this dilemma.

9 things every baby loves

All babies are different, and even when they're this young, their quirks and preferences are already starting to make themselves known. There are a few things, though, that pretty much every baby loves, whether they're outgoing, shy, quiet, chatty, adventurous, or more of a thinker.

4 ways to keep your baby distracted

As adults, when we're stressed, it takes a lot to get our mind off things. So consider yourself lucky - at this age, your baby doesn't really have that problem. she is pretty easily distracted, so take the opportunity to use her short attention span in your favor.

Surviving public transit with a baby on board

Maybe you're a part of one-car household, a no-car household, or you're just headed to a destination where you just know parking is going to be a nightmare, but for many city- and suburb-dwelling parents, bringing your baby on public transportation isn't a question of 'if' but of 'when.'

Fun games to play with a 5 month-old

your baby isn't quite ready for Scrabble or Twister, but she will definitely want to get in on some of the more basic, baby-approved games that you two can play.

9 tips for bringing baby on a plane

Bringing your baby on a plane is a big milestone, but if you've ever been on a plane with a baby, you know that there's the potential for some troubles. Luckily, there are some good methods for ensuring, or at least encouraging, a pleasant flight.

How much time can my baby spend outside?

Picture this: you're lounging in your backyard, watching fluffy clouds float by, when you feel something small land on your leg. Suddenly, you're sprinting into the kitchen to grab a bag of ice for the reddening bee sting that's swelling by the minute. Sound familiar?

13 fun uses for your baby monitor

We're living in the technology age, people! Instead of throwing away that baby monitor, why not get innovative and squeeze a little extra fun out of the device?

6 tips for taking baby to a restaurant

What happens when you're desperate to try that new Costa Rican cafe that's racking up rave reviews on Yelp, but you don't have time to track down a babysitter? Nine times out of ten, you'll just have to bring your baby with you. Understandably, the thought of taking a baby into a restaurant environment can make many parents nervous just thinking about it, but this shared experience can be surprisingly fun - if you plan ahead.

6 tips for taking baby to a restaurant

What happens when you're desperate to try that new Costa Rican cafe that's racking up rave reviews on Yelp, but you don't have time to track down a babysitter? Nine times out of ten, you'll just have to bring your baby with you. Understandably, the thought of taking a baby into a restaurant environment can make many parents nervous just thinking about it, but this shared experience can be surprisingly fun - if you plan ahead.

Instant hit gifts for toddler birthday parties

Whether your baby is invited to be a guest at a birthday party or you're helping a friend or family member select a gift for her, the goal is always to pick a present that will delight the birthday girl or boy.

Field trips you can take with your 6-month old

Anything can seem like an adventure when you're 6 months old, but that's no reason not to bring your 6-month-old along on a real adventure or four!

The bouncing baby

Boing, boing! You might have noticed that your baby has gotten reeeeal bouncy all of a sudden. This is safe, and it also may be a sign of good things to come.

Six silly ways to make baby smile

These days, your baby's smiles are less gas-related and more about actual enjoyment. Time to learn some of the best ways to get her grinning.

Great games to play with your crawler

When your baby starts crawling, it opens up a whole new world of ways to play - but where to start?

Fun and games: Story time

your baby may not know what a book is yet, but that doesn't mean she's too young to develop a love of reading!

Arts and crafts projects to do with your little one

Saliva-dor Dali, Vincent van Goo Goo, Leonardo da Binky . . . is your baby the next great paint master? Try some of these projects with her to find out.

Hosting a stress-free party

your baby is all the social life you need . . . kinda. Actually, it might be nice to be around some people who can actually eat and poop on their own. Here are some things to think about regarding parties with your baby in the picture.

Hosting a stress-free party

your baby is all the social life you need . . . kinda. Actually, it might be nice to be around some people who can actually eat and poop on their own. Here are some things to think about regarding parties with your baby in the picture.

Should I carry baby facing in or out?

To see or not to see? That is, should your baby be facing you or the world as the two of you go on future excursions? That really is the question with baby carriers. And the answer to this question isn't so simple.

5 reasons to do a parent-baby music class

Are you trying to encourage your baby to become a young Mozart? Or do you just want the soft tinkling sounds of a piano in the background as she grows up? No matter what your intentions are, enrolling in a parent-baby music class can help you bond with your baby and jump-start her knowledge of a very valuable skill.

The importance of solo play

You know those days when you just need a little time to be away from people? your baby may not have whole days like that, or even hours, but she definitely has some minutes where she could use a little space.

A bag full of distractions

Enjoy the time when your baby can be distracted by the quick offer of something shiny while it lasts - handing her your keys to ward off a tantrum means something very different when she's asking to borrow the car in a few years.

Rules for a pleasant long car ride with baby

Road trips can change a whole lot once your baby enters the picture - she only takes up a little bit of space in the car, but she occupies quite a bit of your attention.

Silly songs your baby will love

your baby's taste in music is still very much in-progress, so don't worry if her favorite tune of the moment ends up being one of these silly ditties, instead of anything more sophisticated.

Top tickle spots for babies

your baby may or may not have much of a sense of humor yet, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love to laugh - especially when you tickle her right THERE.

5 things every parent knows all too well

your baby isn't the only one who's growing every day - since she was born, you've grown and changed and learned plenty of things to feel proud of yourself for.

Baby bike seats

Your your baby is going places, that's for sure, but should she be going there on the back of your bicycle just yet?

Fun and games: Rolling a ball

Rolling a ball back and forth and "having a ball!" might not have been the same thing for you before your baby came along, but she is great at having fun with simple games.

How long should I use a stroller for?

There's walking and then there's WALKING - it's one thing to cheer your baby on through her first steps, and another to put away the stroller and have her walk to the store beside you. But where do you draw the line between the two?

Fun and games: Painting

Art is the expression of the soul, even if your baby's soul looks a little abstract these days. Don't worry, she'll be ready to move into her impressionist phase any time now.

First birthday party for twins and multiples

Considering how little of it they'll remember, the first birthday party takes a lot of planning, and even more so if you've got a couple of kids.

Fun and games: Playing instruments

How are you supposed to know if your baby is a rockstar for the next generation unless she has the chance to spread her musical wings?

Should baby be in swimming lessons?

Splish-splash, baby's been taking baths for a while now! But when is it going to be time for her to be a little fish in a slightly bigger pond, trying out her breast-stroke and crawl?

Fun and games: Playing with blocks

Life's a game when you're a toddler - and when you have a toddler, life is full of finding new games to offer. Blocks are a classic, but there's a reason for that.

Fun and games: Sing-alongs

If you've ever felt self-conscious about your singing voice, your baby is the perfect audience - but the two of you can have even more fun if she joins in.

Fun and games: Sticker collage

Every parent knows that while stickers can be used for an afternoon of great fun, but they can also be used for evil. The best kind of sticker activities are, drumroll...supervised sticker activities! Unless, of course, you enjoy peeling stickers off your furniture. Then have your baby go for it!

Fun and games: Found art

Your little artist is bursting with creativity, but your wallet might not be bursting with extra dollars for giant paint kits and pencil sets. There's time for that in the future, but for now, how about some found art? You'd be surprised at the beautiful creations you can make from pine cones, leaves, sponges, and more!

Fun and games: Playing in the sandbox

It may not be the most glamorous part of the playground, but the sandbox is a toddler classic for a reason.

The importance of sensory play

your baby's senses are always at work, but sensory play specifically encourages her to engage as many of her senses at once as she explores.

Toddlers and solo play

We know that you're great at keeping your baby entertained, but has she started on her journey towards solo play?

From abstract to impressionism: A toddler art development timeline

Whether she's the next Picasso, or just the next in a long line of teenagers who doodle cartoons in their algebra notes, when she makes art now, your toddler is using and developing a whole host of skills, and her artistic style will continue to grow as she does.

Dress up and your toddler

Most toddlers like playing dress up, which is a good thing, because it can have a lot of positive benefits for a young child's development.

Fun and games: patty cake and other clapping games

Patty cake, paddy cake, pat-a-cake...just put the cake in the oven, okay baker's man?

Safe ways to help your toddler enjoy nature

The great outdoors is pretty great, but it's also full of pitfalls. Lucky for your baby, she'll have you by her side as she explores.

Adding more active play to your toddler's life

your baby may seem active enough all on her own, but adding extra active play to her day-to-day habits can only help her develop healthy habits as she grows - and it can be fun for both of you right now!

Fun and games: Blowing bubbles

your baby is too young to be trying out bubble gum, but she is mature enough these days to be a serious soap bubble appreciator.

Playground safety rules for your toddler

Whether your toddler loves following rules, or just loves playing on the swings, there's something for everyone in this list!

5 simple household objects that double as toddler toys

When your baby is bored with everything in her toy box, don't despair - pretty much anything counts as a toy when you're under 2, the thing that matters the most is the novelty factor.

Fun and games: Sensory bins

Sensory bins - all the exploration of outdoor play, but without having to dress for the weather!

The importance of getting messy

Toddlers look cutest when they're covered in mud, baby powder, finger paint, or food, no? What do you mean "no"? Okay, maybe they also look cute when they're squeaky clean, but messes can play an important part in a child's growth and development.

Toddler dancing development

Has your baby got rhythm? The height difference may be a little tricky to navigate, but she could definitely be the most enthusiastic dance partner you'll ever have.

Fun and games: Edible finger paint

Anything wet and colorful and fun on your baby's fingers needs to be edible...because it's definitely going in her mouth. Hello, edible finger paint!

Your toddler and other people's pets

Whether you have pets of your own or only see animals at the park or zoo, there's special etiquette for your baby to learn when it comes to other people's pets.

Toddler-friendly art projects

your baby is all about learning to express herself these days, so why not add the universal language of art to her arsenal?

Splish splash: outdoor water activities for toddlers in the summer

So many amazing childhood memories can be made outside in the summer with just a hose or a sprinkler. Water activities give toddlers the opportunity to be active, outdoors, and a little cleaner than usual! That is, until you factor in all the potential for mud activities.

Fun and games: Shadow puppets

All you need is a dark room, a wall, and a flashlight to create a shadow puppet show with your baby. Oh, and a little hand dexterity.

Encouraging your toddler's interests

your baby may not have come into the world with too many specific interests, but now that she's older, as she explores the world, certain parts of it are going to start holding her attention for longer than others.

Turning plastic spoons into art

Running out of art projects? Here are some tricks for turning an ordinary household item into an art project you can keep in your back pocket for rainy days or downtime with your toddler.

Fun and games: Rhyming

Sure, your baby may know "cat," "rat," and maybe even "baseball bat," but does she know "diplomat," "thermostat," or "microhabitat"? No? Then you've still got plenty to teach her when it comes to rhyming games.

Fun and games: Rhyming

Sure, your baby may know "cat," "rat," and maybe even "baseball bat," but does she know "diplomat," "thermostat," or "microhabitat"? No? Then you've still got plenty to teach her when it comes to rhyming games.

Packing for an outing with your toddler

Every successful outing with your toddler probably has at least a few of the same ingredients.

Your toddler the performer

Nobody puts baby in a corner. And few people can tell your baby what to do. How can you help encourage your baby to cooperate when her artistic talents are needed for a play, wedding, performance, or other event?

Finding the right toys for your tot

Your toddler is growing out of more than just her shoes - some of her old favorite toys probably don't seem so great to her anymore, either, now that her brain and motor skills have grown so much. So what's your baby's next favorite toy?

Dining out without the stress

Toddlers and fine dining don't generally go hand in hand, but that doesn't mean you and your baby can't have a night out now and then! All it takes is a little extra good luck and a generous helping of extra planning.

Fun and games: This little piggy gets creative

"This little piggy went to market" is a beloved nursery rhyme for children and parents alike, but there's even more you can do with your little piggies than count them and wiggle them! Let's help those little piggies get creative.

Learning toys for your one-and-a-half year-old

Learning is fun, but more than that, for your baby these days, having fun is the best way to learn!

Fun and games: Sidewalk chalk

The floors of the house are probably still off-limits, but with sidewalk chalk, the great outdoors is your baby's canvas, and what toddler can resist that?

Fun and games: Imaginary play

Imaginary play might seem like the most basic kind of game, but for a toddler, it can take a little while to start to grow and develop.

Silly songs to sing with your toddler

Singing songs with your toddler can encourage her language and social development, while giving you two the chance for some quality time together. Plus in the future, your baby will likely still remember at least two or three songs from this time in her childhood, too.

Fun and games: City planning

It's never too early to put out a feeler for your baby's future dream job, right? If you've already explored art and science this week, why not see if she has a knack for city planning? You'll just need a few toy cars, some masking tape, and a little imagination.

Waiting room games with your toddler

your baby may not be old enough to understand the appeal of "the quiet game," but there are plenty of other ways the two of you can while away a long wait.

Hiking with your toddler

Whether your baby has loved the great outdoors since her first outing, or she has been more of a not-so-happy-camper during outdoor activities, she's more mobile now than she ever has been, and she may be ready to hit the trail with you.

7 things to do with a cardboard box

Cardboard boxes aren't just for packaging. There are dozens - actually, more than dozens - of amazing things you can do and make with a single cardboard box.

Fun and games: Sorting

Sorting shapes and colors might not sound like your idea of a wild Saturday night, but for your baby, it can be pretty groundbreaking.

Fun and games: Things to do with ice

For hot summer days or just days when ice sounds super fun, there are lot of things you can do with just a tray of ice cubes!

Classes for toddlers

Most one-year-olds simply aren't ready for college, but that doesn't mean your baby can't do some good ol' fashioned organized learning!

Beginning solo classes and activities

your baby is growing more independent every day - she'll be joining an intramural bowling league before you know it!

Fun and games: Stringing beads

Don't bust out the strings of pearls, but when it comes to some less luxurious jewelry-making, your baby might be ready to try to make some strings of less traditional jewelry.

In the kitchen with your toddler

Showing your toddler the wonders of the kitchen is a fabulous activity for rainy day, or any day. For toddlers, the kitchen can be a sensory overload of touch, sounds, smells and tastes.

Adult vacations that are great for kids

Toddlers can complicate some vacations - your baby probably isn't ready to hike the Alps with you, for example - but that doesn't mean your family can't find the right vacation for right now and have a blast!

Sports skills and toddler development

Whether she's a future Olympian or a future klutz (or both!) there are a few skills your baby's going to start to pick up over the next few years, and she'll need them if and when she decides to join a team one of these days.

Help! My toddler is interested in violent toys and games

Just like a fascination with climbing the stairs doesn't mean your baby will grow into a mountain climber (though she might!), a preference for playing rough doesn't mean she is growing into an overly aggressive person.

Blanket forts 101

The next time you need something to keep you and your baby occupied for a few hours, show her what blanket forts are all about.

The importance of active, outdoor play

Whether it's Duck Duck Goose or Tag that's your little one's sport, it's hard to find a toddler who doesn't enjoy spending a little time in the great outdoors.

Encouraging a love of music in your toddler

Now's the perfect time to start helping your baby develop an appreciation for music that will last her a lifetime.

Toddler-proofing your devices

For someone with such tiny fingers, your baby sure can do a lot of damage. As she gets more and more interested in your phone, you may find that it needs a few extra layers of protection.

Fun and games: Sorting by color

One thing that makes children's toys so special is their vibrant colors and patterns. That means visual stimulation, a colorful nursery, and easy sorting for you and your baby! Sorting toys, games, and other objects by color can be a fun game with just a hint of productivity and organization.

Toddlers and gendered toys

Some toys are marketed as girls' toys or boys' toys, but should that matter?

Outdoor games for toddlers

your baby's ready to do some rough-and-tumble outdoor play, but where should she start?

Toys that are fun for more than one age-group

Not all toys are going to be the favorites that children remember all the way into adulthood, but there are certain kinds of toys that are more likely to stand the test of time than others.

Which toys to keep after your toddler grows out of them

your baby might be getting bigger, but her toys are staying the same size. There are some toys and trinkets you might want to hold onto even when your baby outgrows them, and there are some others it's probably time to say goodbye to.

Fun and games: Reading half books

All of your little one's books have wonderful endings, of course, but wouldn't it be fun to find out what endings your baby would come up with on her own? By reading half a book with her, you can do just that!

Fun and games: Modeling compounds

Whether she's making a reusable-clay city or just rolling out another snake between her hands, your little one can learn a lot by playing with modeling compounds.

Fun and games: Pasta necklace

Pasta is the gift that keeps on giving. It's easy to cook, it's delicious, and it can even become a part of your most stunning jewelry. It's not a diamond necklace, but it is local artisan work by the renowned your baby!

Keeping your toddler engaged at storytime

The older your baby gets, the more she has the potential to really get into the story in a good book, but making that potential into a reality isn't always easy.

Toys that are inappropriate for your toddler

In an ideal world, your baby could play with any toy that she wanted. But the reality is that at this age, certain toys are simply too dangerous for your baby to be playing with, and they won't be appropriate until she is a little older.

Games to tire out your toddler

There's no energy like toddler energy! And while it's great most of the time, bedtime and nap time can suffer for it. The cure? Plenty of active play!

Fun and games: Follow the yarn

The best activities are the ones you can do with items already lying around your home, right? For this game, all you need is a ball of string or yarn and a prize of your choice!

Teaching your toddler to play nicely with other children

Playing nicely with others is one of those skills you never stop using, it just evolves to fit new situations, and your baby is learning more and more about it every day.

Interpreting your toddler's art

The work of a budding artist is often abstract, or at the very least experimental.

5 routines to work into your toddler's week

Some people love making plans, while others prefer to go with the flow. No matter which way you lean, you can probably agree that having at least a few routines is important. The same is true for toddlers, too, and your baby is the perfect age for you to start introducing some habits into her daily routine.

Crafts with toddlers

your baby has the energy, enthusiasm, and love of getting messy that arts and crafts need, and you've got the motor skills to hold a marker without using your mouth - sounds like you two could be the perfect team!

Birthday gifts your 2-year-old will love

Two is a big birthday, but finding the perfect birthday gift doesn't have to be too big of a job.

Not quite the foxtrot: Dancing games for toddlers

Life's a dance, and the sooner your toddler learns to move to the beat, the better!

Active games for rainy days

It's raining, it's pouring. Your toddler is yelling, "this is boring!"

Fun and games: Puzzles

Just like not every feline is a tiger, not ever puzzle is a thousand-piece jigsaw, but some of the big, colorful early runners-up that your baby might be interested in these days could definitely set her on the road towards giant, tiny-pieced puzzle-masterpieces.

Fun games for your two-year-old

Life's a game, and your baby's a varsity player, at this point, but there are plenty of activities you can introduce her to to keep her on her toes.

Do they have to listen to kids' music?

Of your interests, there are some that you can start to share with your baby now, like long nature walks, or cooking, and some, like skydiving and recreational long-division, that might have to wait a few years. But which category does your taste in music fall into?

Fun and games: Hopscotch

The game of hopscotch may be old, but it's brand new to your baby, and you get to be the one to introduce it to her.

Activities for sick days with a toddler

Toddlers can be a handful at the best times, but sick days are a whole new ballgame.

Music Maker: Toys for your budding musician

your baby is probably already a big music fan, and now that she is growing bigger, it might be time to upgrade her musical toys.

Getting a reluctant toddler to enjoy playing outside

Playing outside is a key part of the toddler experience, so why are so many tots reluctant to get out into the great outdoors?

Tricycle vs. push-bike

Picking the right vehicle to feed your toddler's need for speed is a tough decision.

Tykes and trikes

Learning how to ride a bike is an important part of growing up for many children, but few reach that milestone before perfecting their pedaling, steering, and riding skills on a tricycle.

Fun and games: Baby's first kite

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your family kite, and it'll fly nearby for as long as you want it to!

Fun and games: Day at the museum

It's no secret that museum trips aren't always toddlers favorite activity - you can't run, you can't yell, you can't touch the art, and you definitely can't lick it. But a hands-on approach can help tots start to think of museums as something fun, anyway.

Fun and games: Stamps

If your memory of stamps is limited to dried-out ink pads and disappointing projects, it may be time to give these art supplies a second chance!

Activities for mixed-age groups of kids

Whether your baby's social circle includes big kids she looks up to or little ones she has to be careful not to trample, finding activities that can keep kids of a wide-range or ages having fun can be a challenge.

Fun and games: Definitely not the tortoise

your baby may not know the meaning of the words "slow down," but sometimes, her speedy ways can actually make your life a little easier.

Fun and games: Dress-up challenge

When your baby plays pretend, are you there pretending along with her? Self-directed imaginary play is great for toddlers, but so is pretending with a buddy!

Beach safety with a toddler

A day at the beach is a walk in the park, as long as you walk into it prepared.

Fun and games: Jell-O archeology

Every day is an adventure with a toddler, but some activities are even more adventurous than that baseline level of all-the-time excitement!

Does my toddler need more exercise?

If your baby is a little jumping bean, it may be hard to imagine that it's possible for her to get even more exercise, but it can be helpful to know what her target should be.

Rainy day activities that won't wreck your home

Rain, rain, go away! Or stay - you and your baby can have just as much fun rain or shine!

Fun and games: Michelangelo

Lucky for your little artist-in-waiting, there are plenty of destruction-free ways for her to let some of those artistic impulses out into the world - without taking it out on your living room.

Fun and games: What's wrong with this picture?

Your little one is learning more and more about the world every day, and with each new thing she learns, the scope of her sense of humor expands. You can encourage her sense of humor in many ways, from telling jokes yourself to laughing at hers - and by playing games that play off this idea of the unexpected.

Quiet activities for toddlers

Whether it's before bed, traveling, or just a need to balance out the noise, there are times that toddlers should be encouraged to do quiet activities.

Toddlers who love scary things

If your toddler's best friends are the things that go bump in the night, you're not alone. Plenty of toddlers are interested in spooky things, but how involved in them should they get?

Outdoor safety for toddlers

The more your baby can get into as she plays outside, the more important outdoor safety becomes.

Encouraging your toddler's imagination: Beyond pretend play

Imagination is such a staple of childhood that it's easy to forget that it's not something children are necessarily born able to use.

Tricycle-riding hot spots for city-dwelling tots

If your baby's heart is yearning for the open road, but the road in your area is full of traffic, there are a few different ways to give her the chance to indulge her need for speed.

The importance of playing with your toddler

your baby can make whole worlds in her head by now, but that doesn't mean she needs to explore them on her own.

Activities for mixed-age parties

More often than not, when a group of children play together there are a variety of ages. For the group to have fun and play together, it's important to pick activities that work for a mixed-age group.

Fun and games: Dance-off

Put on your dancing shoes, you and your baby are going to tear up the dance floor - or the kitchen floor, whichever one is closer.

How board games can help promote learning

Board games are fun for the whole family, but they're extra fun for your baby's brain!

Great toys and games for your two-and-a-half-year-old

Since play is how a toddler works, the toys she plays with are educational by definition, but certain toys are especially good for encouraging this stage in her development.

Reasonable screen time limits for a toddler

It's the rare toddler whose attention isn't captured by a screen, but just how - and how much - should your little one be engaging in screen time?

Fun and games: Hide-and-seek by proxy

Hide-and-seek is a classic, but there are plenty of ways to alter it to match your baby's idea of fun.

Ideas for fun outdoor play on a snowy day

Just because there's snow on the ground, it doesn't mean that you and your little one can't get outside to play.

Keeping your toddler safe in your home without hovering

There's very little toddlers won't get their hands on if given the chance, but they're also eager to be independent. So just how can you let your little one do her own thing without hovering?

Letting your toddler win

It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game - but does your baby agree? And if not, is now a good time for her to learn?

The benefits of letting toddlers climb

Giving your little one the chance to try out her climbing skills is a great way for her to work on her gross motor abilities, and can be a positive part of good physical and mental health.

Teaching toddlers about animals' feelings

From roaring like a silly lion in a favorite book to watching birdies outside the window, many toddlers are excited by and curious about animals, which makes this a great time to start to teach your little one about how to respect and even care for animals.

Teaching your toddler to play nicely with younger children

Between the ages of two and three, children's social skills develop in major ways. By the time your little one is three, she might be able to cooperate, share, take turns, play more calmly, and even try to solve conflicts with playmates! But what happens when her playmates may not have learned as much yet?

The benefits of singing with your toddler

Does your baby have a skip in her step? A dance in her stride? A tune on her tongue and an song in her heart? Then maybe it's time for her to let it out!

Fun and games: People-watching

There's a whole wide world full of interesting people out there, and talking about it is a great way to expand your baby's horizons!

Gifts you can make with your toddler

your baby loves to help, but if she wants to help you with a gift that's going to be given to someone else, it can be helpful to play to her strengths.

Fun and games: Movie-making challenge

Lights, camera, action! your baby is as photogenic as they come, do you think she's ready for her big break?

If toddlers watch TV...what should they watch?

House of Blocks, Game of High Chairs...are they making prestige dramas for toddlers yet? Educational shows are the best TV options for toddlers, but it can be hard to distinguish between programs designed to entertain and programs designed to educate.

Art supplies and your almost-three-year-old

your baby's creativity is growing even faster than the rest of her, and giving her the chance to exercise it can be fun and educational for you both!

When can children start playing sports?

Slam dunk! Now she's rounding the bases, and's a touchdown! At this age, your baby probably isn't nearly as interested in the rules of any one game as she is in the chance to run, jump, throw, and kick things.

Storybook guidelines for almost-three-year-olds

As she gets older, so does your toddler's intellectual appetite - but it's important to tailor your baby's storytime to her age, too.

Figuring out your 3-year-old's interests

Once your baby figures out her passion, she will make sure you know about it!

Picking out activities for your three-year-old

Deciding which activities to sign a young child up for can be a challenge, but there are definitely enough benefits to group activities to make it worth it.

Indoor activities for a snow day

Once you have an active little one on your hands, it can be tough to face the prospect of spending a full day indoors due to foul weather, so when the weather outside is frightful, it can be good to have some entertaining indoor activities in your back pocket.

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