7 reasons to work yogurt into your baby's diet

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7 reasons to work yogurt into your baby’s diet

That yogurt - so hot right now. Yogurt has really taken off as a superfood for adults recently, but babies figured out the health benefits of yogurt a long time ago. Check out these seven reasons to give your baby her wish - yogurt!

  1. Calcium and other nutrients
    Loaded with nutrients like calcium, protein, Vitamin C, and more, yogurt is a great way to get your baby the vitamins and minerals that she needs to grow big and strong.
  2. It’s safe (even though milk might not be)
    Most doctors recommend that babies don’t consume any cow’s milk until the 1-year mark or so. However, the milk protein that is difficult for babies to digest is broken down in yogurt, meaning babies are able to consume and process it safely.
  3. Healthy stomach
    Yogurt contains lactic acid, which can help level out the acidity of the stomach, which reduces discomfort. Additionally, the healthy bacteria found in yogurt can help boost digestion, and fight against bacterial infections and diseases that normally breed in the stomach.
  4. Home-make-able
    Got a DIY streak? You’re in luck! Believe it or not, you can actually make your own yogurt at home! Granted, you’ll need a little bit of plain yogurt to start, but once you add milk and other ingredients, you’ll have a fun new food project to tackle.
  5. Easy for baby
    As far as foods that are easy for your baby to eat, it doesn’t get much better than yogurt. With no chewing needed, yogurt is among the most nutritious foods that your baby can eat without much trouble, and it stays on the spoon better than most foods of a similar consistency.
  6. Babies love it
    Most babies love the taste and texture of yogurt, and if you add fruit, they’ll love it even more. Yogurt can be a great vehicle for introducing your baby to new fruits, and fruits like crushed mangoes or bananas are great additions to any plain yogurt.
  7. Go Greek
    Greek yogurt is similar to regular yogurt, but there are a few differences, namely a higher amount of protein than you’ll find in regular yogurt. Greek yogurt has achieved celebrity status in the foodie world, so it’s right on time to cross over into the world of babies.

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