What should I put in a newborn's crib?

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What should I put in a newborn's crib?

What should go in your baby’s crib? Probably not a whole lot in the early days.

The blank mattress in your baby’s crib may not look particularly cozy all on its own, but it’s probably the safest way for her to sleep. Having blankets, pillows, any loose bedding, stuffed toys or bumpers around the edges of the crib have all been linked to a higher risk of SIDS or suffocation.

your baby’s stuffed animals will still be there when she wakes up, and pillows don't necessarily feel necessary, but not using blankets, especially now that your baby is sleeping in a crib, can feel strange to some parents. Dressing her in light layers or footie pajamas can keep your baby just as cozy as any blanket, though, especially if the room is kept fairly warm.

As for bumpers, if your crib was manufactured after 1990, it should have been built to follow regulations that would keep the crib-bars close enough together that there’s no risk of your baby getting stuck, and the American Academy of Pediatrics indicates that bumpers haven't been proved to prevent any serious injuries. On the other hand, though, they can pose risks, including risks of suffocation. Older babies can also use them to climb out of the crib.

So those are all the things that shouldn’t be in your baby’s crib. What should, though? A firm, tight mattress that fits snugly into the crib without much room between the edges of the mattress and the frame for your baby to get stuck in. A soft, tightly fitted sheet. And your baby. For now, that’s all.


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