What is scooting?

Motor Skills   |   Age: 6 months 3 weeks


What is scooting?

Whether you’ve heard the term ‘scooting’ floating around in baby books or parenting blogs, or you’ve seen one of the children at your and your baby’s playgroup propelling himself or herself across the floor by scooting along on his or her bottom, you might be wondering where the motion falls on the learning-to-walk timeline.

Scooting is one of the stages of motor development that some children stay in longer than others, and still others skip right over entirely. Scooting is often a prelude to crawling though, which is then often followed by pulling up, cruising, and walking. There is no wrong way to learn to walk - the important thing is that your baby gets there, not how she looks along the way - which, incidentally, is pretty darn cute. Have you ever watched a baby scoot along the floor on his or her bottom? Well, you might have the chance soon. Until you do, Youtube has you covered.

If you’re getting a little impatient, and you want to help your baby's movements along, the best way to encourage her to get a move-on into scooting, crawling, rolling, or whatever form of pre-walking movement catches her fancy is to make sure she gets plenty of tummy time, especially in a space that’s big enough for her to maneuver around and explore.

If your baby chooses to scoot instead of crawling, rather than as a lead-up to it, it’s nothing to worry about, and it won’t cause any problems in her quest to walk upright. If your baby isn’t using her arms or legs in her attempts to get around on her own, or if she favors her left or right side, or if she isn’t trying to get around at all in the next 3 months or so though, check in with the doctor just to be sure everything is developing the way it should.

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