What is a baby massage?

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What is a baby massage?

It might sound like some minimalist spa treatment, but "baby massage" is actually one of the best-kept secrets of parenting. Research shows that gentle, therapeutic massage provides healthy stimulation to babies' central nervous systems. This means that regularly applied baby massage may help your baby sleep soundly, cry less, poop often, and fight off common germs. Ready to get started yet?

Step #1: Time it right

The best window for a successful baby massage is any period when she is at her most relaxed. Try timing a massage for immediately after a diaper change or a bath.

Step #2: Keep it soft (and take it slow)

Before beginning the massage, be sure to remove any rings or jewelry from your hands. Then, gently lay your baby down on a soft towel or blanket, with a pillow beneath her head so that she is looking up at you. Make sure your baby is stripped down to her diaper before doing this. Once the two of you are in position, grab some baby oil (avoid products with fragrance, which can irritate babies' skin) and proceed to…

Step #3: Commence rubdown

There’s no specified order for performing a baby massage, but there are time-tested techniques that most babies enjoy. For example, when working the lower body, try wrapping your hands around her legs and gliding them up and down slowly several times. Once you’ve progressed to the tummy, place your fingertips around her navel area and rotate them clockwise. If your baby is responding happily, you can try a gentle face massage by tracing a heart shape around her facial features with your index fingers until they meet right at the chin.

These suggestions are just enough for giving your baby a taste of what baby massage has to offer. If the first massage is a hit, then by all means, ask your doctor or any fellow parents about more advanced techniques.

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