Pros and cons of a toddler harness

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Pros and cons of a toddler harness

When it comes to using toddler harnesses, most parents who use them do so out of a concern for the safety of their little ones. A harness keeps toddlers out of busy streets, away from dense crowds, and within a parent or guardian's sight at all times. And because of how harnesses fit on the body, they allow a gentler tug away from danger than you'd get pulling on a child's arm. Sure, toddler harnesses look a little funny, but is there another argument to be made against them?



At the end of the day, all any parent wants is for their child to be safe. Different methods work for different people, and you're the only one who can determine if a toddler harness fits your needs. If your child is old enough, you might even be able to talk it over with her and see what she thinks. Maybe your baby would like to use one to be able to walk around wherever you go, or maybe she would prefer to work a little harder on staying close to you and following instructions. If it works for you and your baby, that's all that matters.

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