To clean the uncleanable

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To clean the uncleanable

your baby may be one of the tiniest people in your life, but she definitely makes some of the biggest messes. And once she transitions to solid foods, the contents of her diapers may change a little, but she probably won't be any more help in changing them.

When your baby’s messiest disasters hit, having a plan ready can cut down on the clothing and linens that are sacrificed to stains forever. If you have a serious aversion to vomit or poo (as opposed to a great interest in it!), latex or rubber gloves are always super helpful to grab before cleaning up. But if that’s not an option or necessity, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

Clothes, linens, and other detachable surfaces

Non-detachable surfaces (couch, carpeting, car seats, mattresses)

Surfaces that can’t be stripped down and thrown in the sink or tub and under running water, like your couch, carpeting, car seats without detachable covers, or mattresses can be a bit more tricky, but are still manageable.

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