5 times you wish you had your camera

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5 times you wish you'd had your camera

your baby’s life is full of firsts and milestones - it’s one of the hazards of being brand new to the planet. For the first couple of years, at least, almost everything is a brand new experience, and while plenty of those firsts get lovingly documented, if you tried to make a scrapbook page for all of them, you wouldn’t have the time to watch them happen! Here are a few of the most commonly (and tragically) missed photo opportunities.

  1. The first time your baby smiles at you on purpose
    There’s no way to know when that moment is coming - unlike the days leading up to her first steps, which will probably include a few failed attempts, and a whole lot of building up the muscles and balance she is going to need, your baby probably isn’t going to give you any signs that she is gearing up to grace you with her first ever social smile. On the bright side, you’ll still get plenty of other chances to photograph her toothless grin.
  2. When your baby makes eye contact with you while feeding
    It’s such a gentle, sweet expression on her face, and at an angle that you may never get again once she starts on solids. But whether you breast or bottle feed, you still never seem to have quite enough hands to snap a shot in the moment.
  3. your baby’s first laugh
    There’s a good chance you were too busy being her favorite comedian to stop to take a picture!
  4. your baby’s first big mealtime mess
    It might not have happened the first time your baby is presented with solids, when you were expecting the big photo-op and she hadn’t figured out quite what food is. But some time in her first few weeks of adventures in solid food, the photogenic-in-hindsight mess of your baby’s first food fight appeared - the question is, did you get a picture?
  5. The ‘here and gone again’ hair and eyes
    If your baby is one of the many children who was born with a hair or eye color that disappeared in her first few weeks or months of life, you may have thought you were getting enough pictures of those pale blue eyes or temporary curls. But as soon as they’re gone, and your baby’s hair and eyes have settled into their permanent color, you might reach a point where you wish you had more. It doesn’t matter how many you do have - you’ll still want just a couple extra.

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