Staying close with your non-parent friends

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Staying close with your non-parent friends

Even if you don't feel like you have the energy to track your non-parent friends down right now, a day is going to come when all you’re going to want in the world is to have an adult conversation with someone who isn’t your co-parent, and you may not want to have to start that conversation with, “Hey, how have you been for the last year and a half?”

Relating to non-parents can be difficult, though. You may have had so much in common before that you felt like twins, or clones, but now your baby has moved into the space at the center of your universe. Your friends probably have a lot of the same concerns and interests as they did before you went and gave birth to a human being, and those problems and preoccupations seem as important to them as they ever did. But between finding the time to actually make plans with your non-parent friends and your changing priorities, it can take a little effort to connect with friends who don’t have children.



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