Simple answers to common questions: why is the sky blue?

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Simple answers to common questions: why is the sky blue?
It's easy to appreciate a brilliant sunset or sunrise. But for your baby, even a blue sky is something to notice and marvel at. Of course, at some point, she will be curious as to why the sky is blue, and not red, or green, or purple. In which case, your baby will likely ask you for the answer.

So, why is the sky blue?

The simple answer

Say to your baby, "The sky is made up of every single color, and they all move around together. But blue likes to move around the most. It bounces off all the other colors like a tennis ball. So when you look up at the sky, you can see the color blue zooming all over the place."

your baby might (wisely) point out that the sky changes color during sunset. If this happens, you can respond with, "When the sun gets lower in the sky, it gets farther away from us. The colors we see in the sunset are the colors who were strong enough to make it all the way from the sun to our eyes."

Tips to keep in mind

Of course, if you're particularly good at explaining light beams and wavelengths, feel free to make up your own explanation! Either way, here are two things to think about when you have these kinds of conversations with your baby.

A final note

For better or for worse, the days when your baby relies on you for all her information won't last forever. For the time being, try to cherish your baby's questions! As you know, the world can get pretty complicated, and it always helps to have an adult around who can simplify the hard stuff.


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