Safety rules for baby's first time playing on the playground

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Safety rules for baby's first time playing on the playground

It’s time! your baby is older and wiser than she was a few months ago, and she is finally ready for the playground. This colorful land of fun holds tons of opportunities for pictures and memories, but before you pack up the stroller, here are a few playground safety rules.

Watch ’em

Hey, you know this one! You could probably write this paragraph yourself. your baby doesn’t need your eyes on her all the time (that’s how you get those amazing four hours of sleep every night), but you definitely need to watch her very carefully at the playground at this age. Being aware of your baby and her surroundings can help you avoid little mishaps.

Catch ’em

When you’re close to your baby, you’re there to push her on the swing, dig with her in the sandbox, and catch her on the slide. At 10 months, it’s possible that your baby is ready to go down the slide by herself, but use your best judgement and stick to the smallest slide for now. You can also go down with your baby if she is not quite ready for a solo slide.

Cushion ’em

This is actually the playground’s job. Look for a playground with a shock-absorbing surface like rubber, synthetic turf, sand, or mulch. If you played on any asphalt, dirt, grass, or concrete as a child, you’ll know exactly why these shock-absorbing materials are a little better for playtime. But even with the softest ground, accidents still happen. It’s a good idea to have a basic first-aid kit on hand in case someone needs a bandage (and a kiss) administered to a bruised knee.

Dress ’em

One of the first steps to safety is being prepared. Dress yourself and your baby in clothes that are playground-ready. That means no dangling jewelry, scarves, or clothing with drawstrings (they can get caught on playground equipment or potentially pose a choking hazard). You should dress for the weather too, making sure that nobody is too hot or too cold while out on the playground.

Teach ’em

Playgrounds are a place to play, but they’re also a place to learn. Teach your baby how to have fun on the swing, the slide, and the sandbox, but also teach
her how to be polite and share. She is a little young to be grasping ideas like waiting her turn, but she can watch other children and see how they (hopefully) play nicely together. You might be surprised at how much babies can absorb!

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