A parent's guide to making friends at the playground

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A parent’s guide to making friends at the playground 
Meeting new friends as an adult can be, well, awkward. When there’s no common ground to reminisce about and there are no mutual friends to help break the ice, meeting fellow parents can feel a lot like dating, leaving you wondering if you hit it off enough to warrant another get-together.

Location is key when it comes to meeting other parents, and the playground is a perfect place to start. You already have something in common - children, probably around the same age - and there’s a good chance you live near one another if you’re at the same park. If your eyes meet across the sandbox, and you feel that spark, it may be time to take the next step and start the conversation.
Meeting other parents can feel intimidating, but they’re in the same boat as you are, and parents definitely long for adult conversation when most of their days are spent with a little one. Besides, making a new friend with a child means your child will have a new friend as well. Double the fun!

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