Your toddler's first friend you don't like

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Your toddler's first friend you don't like

In children as young as your baby is, “friendship” is kind of a loose term that can be applied to anything from the friendship-of-convenience with your best friend’s child to the little neighbor she always runs towards at the playground, or the barely-a-friendship of a cousin who’s sort of close, but not very close in age. This means that there’s a good chance you’re the one who’s in control of who her friends are for now. That doesn’t mean a tot you just don’t get along with won’t slip into your baby’s social circle, though. No one likes to not-like a toddler, but toddlers are people, too, and with people, every once in a while, you run into one you don’t like.

To stay friends, or not to stay friends?

When it comes to nipping your baby’s friendships you don’t like in the bud, you’ll never be in a better position for the rest of her life, and in some ways, you’ll never have more of a reason to, since she is still young enough that you’re probably still supervising most, if not all, of her playdates. On the other hand, interfering in your baby’s friendships isn’t a habit you want to start to fall into, and it’s not one that will work for long as she grows. If you’re considering whether one of your baby’s friendships is in your family’s best interests to keep up, there are a few questions it can be helpful to keep in mind.

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