When will my toddler learn to jump?

Motor Skills   |   Age: 1 year 11 months

When will my toddler learn to jump?

From jump rope to jumping off the diving board, being able to get a little altitude eventually becomes an important skill as childhood goes on, but there’s a good chance it’s not even something your toddler is working on quite yet.

Jumping is a gross motor skill that takes strength, balance, and coordination, especially bilateral coordination, or the ability to move both sides of the body in the same way at the same time. Many children don’t even really start to get close till around age 2, and jumping isn’t expected from children until around age 3.

Helping her prepare to make the jump

Jumping is one of those developmental milestones that doesn’t generally require a lot of coaching - your toddler will get there in her own time, and it’s entirely normal for that time to come any time between the ages of almost-2 and 3 full years old. Many children do start jumping later, but in the case of toddlers who aren’t jumping by age 3, it can be helpful to check in with a healthcare provider to make sure everything is still on track.

In the meantime, your toddler is probably on the road towards jumping on her own, but there are a few ways you can help encourage her to build the skills that she will need when it’s time to get jumping.

How long is too long?

If it’s taking a long time for a toddler to learn to jump, and especially if she is also showing physical delays in other areas, her healthcare provider may recommend an evaluation to see if an Early Intervention program could be helpful for her. your baby is a ways away from even needing to think about that question now, though.


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