Toddlers who won't chew

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Toddlers who won't chew

Mealtime with toddlers is always an unpredictable event. Will your little one get more spaghetti in her mouth, or in her hair? Only time will tell.

For adults, the whole eating thing seems pretty intuitive: put food in mouth, chew, and swallow. This is not the case for toddlers. This is because sitting for meals and feeding themselves is pretty new for toddlers your baby’s age, especially toddlers who started out being spoon-fed purees not too long ago.

Mealtime messes are totally normal for children at this age, and can even be kind of fun to watch. However, parents are often concerned as their toddlers begin eating more table food, since many young children eat too fast, shoveling food into their mouths without chewing before moving to the next bite.

Since choking can be very serious, parents need to supervise meals carefully to make sure toddlers are chewing their food, and to help if necessary. Here are some tips for helping your baby learn to chew her food.

Like all areas of development, chewing is something she will master in time. Be consistent, and your baby will be a chewing champ in no time!

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