Toddlers who look older than they are

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Toddlers who look older than they are

Toddler growth is highly variable - both emotionally and physically. All toddlers develop at different rates, and some grow to be significantly larger than their peers. Hey, someone has got to fill out the top of that growth chart, right?

Toddlers are small by definition, even a couple of inches can make a big difference when it comes to guessing a young child’s age. If a toddler is standing a full head taller than her peers, it’s definitely no reason to worry, as long as her pediatrician says she is growing on a typical growth curve.

Still, a tall toddler can raise some eyebrows from strangers, who may think she is older than she actually is. This can be frustrating, when children are expected to behave with a maturity they haven’t grown into yet. The parents of tall tots may find themselves constantly cluing strangers into how old their children actually are.

There are a few ways to handle assumptions about a toddler’s age that may not be strictly true.

Growth rates in children aren’t always steady or predictable, so your baby may not always be the tallest one in the class - but whether she’s looking up at her classmates or towering over them, the important thing is to help her feel comfortable in her own skin.

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