Opportunities to encourage your toddler's growing sense of independence

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Opportunities to encourage your toddler's growing sense of independence

When your baby is a couple of decades older, she might express her independent spirit by scaling a mountain range, or parachuting out of an airplane, or singing in public. These days, though, she is more likely to want to show you how independent she is getting by smearing her breakfast all over her face, or taking off her socks and throwing them behind the couch.

Especially once “I can do it myself” enters your toddler’s vocabulary, her growing independence can start to make your job as her parent or caregiver a little harder. It’s an important stage, though, and the better she gets at spreading her wings, the easier looking after her is (eventually!) going to be.

Depending on how adventurous your baby has been feeling lately, encouraging her growing independence might be as simple as making sure she doesn’t crash into anything as she takes flight, but if she is a little bit more cautious, there are a few ways you can encourage her to ruffle a few feathers.

Confidence and independence are some of the most important gifts you can give your baby as she grows, and a growing sense of independence now will continue to have an impact on her in the years to come.


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