Answering your toddler's uncomfortable questions

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Answering your toddler's uncomfortable questions

The world can be a confusing place for your toddler, who is beginning to become more and more aware of her environment. This heightened awareness, along with a vocabulary boom, can lead to frequent (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions. Curious toddlers at this age may be limited to more basic, two-word questions, but they’re also just getting started. As your toddler learns more about both communication and the world, there’s a good chance she will start to get more and more vocal about how she expresses her curiosity.

Learning how to field awkward questions now will be good practice for when she grows, as her ability to stop you in your tracks with unexpected inquiries will only expand from here. For now, here are some tips for dealing with those tricky questions from your tot.

It’s normal to feel stumped when your baby hits with a tricky question, especially as her vocabulary begins to take off, and you’re surprised she has even taken notice of what she is asking about. At this age, children are tuned into your responses, and the reactions and information they absorb from adults help to shape how they think about the world. As your child gets older, your answers will need to become more in-depth, so enjoy this phase when simple answers will do the trick!

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