Your toddler's sense of style

Bathing & Dressing   |   Age: 2 years 10 months

Your toddler's sense of style

If you’ve been finding yourself in a daily struggle with your baby when it comes time to get dressed, be happy: it’s a sign that she’s growing up!

At this age, toddlers are eager to have some independence in any way they can, and picking out clothes to wear is a great way for them to assert themselves. If you want your baby to dress practically, and she wants to dress like her favorite character every day, you’re likely to find yourselves butting heads.

There are good reasons to embrace your baby’s fashion choices, within reason. She is beginning to use clothing to express who she is, starting with her likes and dislikes. While you want to be sure she is dressed to face the day, there are ways to let her feel in control of her fashion choices.

It may cause some conflicts here and there, but your baby’s growing interest in what she wears is a sign of growing independence and creativity. As she grows, she will eventually be the only one responsible for getting herself dressed, so now is a great time for her to start to practice!

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