Is my toddler mature enough to take care of a pet?

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Is my toddler mature enough to take care of a pet?

Whether you already have a pet at home, or are thinking of adding a fuzzy companion to your family, you may be wondering about your baby’s role in pet care as she gets older. Though she is still too young to care for a pet on her own, at this age, she can definitely start to help you take care of a pet. Here are some ways your baby can pitch in to help when it comes to pet care.

While your baby will still need lots of help, now is a great time to introduce her to the basics of pet care. It will take a bit more time for her to help with the big tasks, like taking the family dog for a walk, but getting her involved early is a great way to help her feel confident and to learn responsibility. Your pet will thank her with lots of love!

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