Helping your toddler practice conversational skills

Communication   |   Age: 2 years 4 months

Helping your toddler practice conversational skills

your baby knows a lot more words than she used to, but vocabulary isn’t everything. Knowing words is important, but so is knowing how to use them. In the next few years, the rapid vocabulary growth that your baby’s been experiencing is going to start to slow down (as she comes to know a lot of the words she’ll use in her day-to-day life), but her language skills are going to keep growing dramatically as she starts to master the art of having a conversation.

Involved conversations may not be a huge part of your baby’s social life now - in fact, she is probably only just starting to get around to really interacting with other young children when she plays at all. As she interacts with adults, though, and as her peers’ social skills grow along with her own, her ability to hold a meaningful conversation is going to become more and more important - and you can help make sure she’s on the right track.

Getting the conversation started

Even though your baby may not quite understand the nuanced mechanics of back-and-forth conversation yet, the best way to learn is by doing, which makes now a great time for you and your baby to gab it up.

As she grows, your baby is going to keep figuring out better ways to share all the thoughts floating around in that head of hers. Don’t be surprised if she’s the one starting a conversation with you next!

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