Clingy behaviors in toddlers

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Clingy behaviors in toddlers

It can be nice to feel needed sometimes, but toddlers around your baby’s age often take that feeling all the way to another level. your baby is right at the age when separation anxiety often peaks, but it’s also common for toddlers to go through many ups and downs of clinginess and fear at the thought of being away from parents or caregivers. It can be helpful to know that it’s a perfectly normal stage of development, and not anything to worry about, or a sign of any kind of problem. It’s not always reassuring to learn that it’s a stage that could repeat itself throughout your baby’s childhood in one form or another, but better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard, right?

Why toddlers cling

Toddlers cling to parents or other caregivers when they’re seeking reassurance, but that’s not a sign of a problem with the attachment between parent or caregiver and child. In fact, children with less secure attachments can feel less willing to reach out to parents or caregivers when they’re scared or upset. Insecurity and nervousness are part of life - when toddlers cling in response to those feelings, they’re showing they trust their parents or caregivers to make them feel better.

Still, clinginess isn’t always easy to live with. There’s no real way to cut clinginess off, but there are a few strategies for dealing with it that can be reassuring to toddlers’ insecurities.

It can be worrying to parents when normally outgoing toddlers start sticking closer to them, but generally, clinginess is a normal phase that passes on its own with parents’ support and encouragement.


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