Teething remedies for those last molars

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Teething remedies for those last molars

When thinking of teething, most parents think of young babies – cranky and drooling – as they cut their bottom and upper front teeth. Unfortunately, that’s just the start of teething, which continues well into the toddler years when the final set of baby teeth – the second molars – emerge.

What’s going on with toddler teething?

At this point in your baby’s development, you may already be seeing evidence of this final teething phase. The second molars begin to show themselves between 20 and 30 months, and both top and bottom teeth can emerge at around the same time during these months.

Molars are the larger teeth that help grind up food when children chew. Because they’re so much bigger and wider, some toddlers are uncomfortable when the second molars come in, while others seem to sail through it. Both reactions are perfectly normal.

Since second molars are set so far back on the gum line, they aren’t as noticeable when they begin creeping up. But unlike when she first started teething, your baby probably has some of the verbal skills she needs to tell you if the back of her gums start to hurt, so you won’t have to do as much guessing.

Teething and the “terrible twos”

As an extra challenge, this final teething stage happens around the same time that toddler development includes a series of tantrums, frustration, difficulty sharing, and more. Sore gums can throw even more of a wrench into your baby’s daily routine at a time when she is already reaching for consistency and stability.

Remedies for easing teething issues

Just like when your baby was teething when she was younger, you’ll want to ease her discomfort however you can. There are a few remedies that often work during this time, and you can mix and match to see what works, but don’t hesitate to call your baby’s pediatrician or pediatric dentist if you feel these molars are causing real soreness.

What to avoid during toddler teething

Teething pain is no fun for parents or toddlers, but you and your baby are reaching the finish line!


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2 years 2 months

your baby may not seem like she needs much help to stay active, but structured play is an important part of her physical activity diet, and you're one of the best people to do that structuring.

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