Teaching your toddler about germs

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Teaching your toddler about germs

You send her off into daycare, into a playdate, onto a playground and you have no idea what lurks on every surface she’s touching. Toddlers can move a mile a minute, and aren’t normally too concerned about cleanliness. Now that your baby is getting a little older, and a little better with things like abstract thinking, or communicating in words, it might be time to introduce her the concept of germs. There are a few different ways to illustrate this idea in simple, toddler-friendly terms so she can start to understand why being careful about germs is important.

Whether it’s because she seems bright-eyed and ready to learn about this new and different way of understanding the world around her, or just because you need a better reason to tell her to stop putting that in your mouth than, “because I said so,” you’ll know when it’s the right moment to start talking about germs. And when you do, there are a few different ways you can approach the subject.

Whatever medium you use, stay patient and keep it part of the everyday conversation. your baby will start to understand how important it is in no time.

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