Teaching your toddler their own strength

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Teaching your toddler her own strength

Toddlers can be pretty rough-and-tumble, and though your baby probably doesn’t mean to cause any pain or harm, the fact is that at this age, she may not know everything she’s capable of. This can lead to a tricky situation when it comes to playing with friends, interacting with pets, and especially meeting a new sibling.

It’s important for your baby to learn how to be gentle, but the way you approach the topic is essential when it comes to making sure she’s going to pay attention to what you have to say. Here are some tips in teaching her not just how but also why she might want to be more gentle.

Concern over “rough” behavior is common among parents of toddlers, especially between the ages of 2 and 3, but is typically an issue that can be corrected with patience and consistency. Offering a calm environment, taking note when your baby seems stressed or overwhelmed, can help you find the root of aggressive behavior, and teach her to replace it with better ways to deal with her frustration. If you’re concerned that she seems especially forceful or combative, or if her aggression seems to be getting worse, it may be helpful to consult her doctor for further advice.

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