Talking to your toddler about their own feelings

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Talking to your toddler about her own feelings

your baby’s world is one that she is trying to learn about and understand better every day, and her first teacher in most subjects is your family. So many ideas are new and exciting and foreign to her, and one of the biggest mysteries she encounters every day is the mystery of her own emotions. Your role in helping her unravel this mystery is to help her learn to label which emotion she is feeling, and help her process the situation that got her feeling that way.

Emotional intelligence is a trait we can help our children with at a very early age. As every toddler develops at a different rate, there are a few activities and strategies that can help you help your baby learn how to label, understand, and cope with all of her changing emotions.

As she grows and changes, the way your baby thinks and talks about her own feelings will grow and change, too, but giving her the tools she needs to talk about how she is feeling right now can make a big difference as she figures out how to express herself in the future.

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