Things that should still be toddlerproofed

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Things that should still be toddler-proofed

It’s a rite of passage for all new parents - creeping around on the floor to look for hidden household hazards a newly-crawling baby could discover. What you may not realize is that once you’ve baby-proofed your home, you’ll wind up taking another look at the process once your baby hits the toddler years - and another with every new physical milestone she hurts for a while.

“Hey, that looks like fun . . .”

With your baby turning three in a few months, you’ve probably seen her gross motor development soar, with new running, climbing, and stair-walking skills. Her fine motor skills now shine, too, and make it easier to push, pull, grasp, turn, and hold items. At the same time, your toddler has never been more curious or adventuresome.

What this means for parents is that you’ll need to approach childproofing from the perspective of a stronger, more mobile toddler. In addition to keeping all babyproofing measures intact, you’ll need to ratchet up your efforts to accommodate these newfound skills.

Be on the lookout for household items your stronger toddler can tip over

Know how much toddlers love to climb – and how it can lead to trouble

Watch out for water dangers your mobile toddler may find, inside and out

Toddlers will discover everything, so look for the unexpected

As your baby grows, you can start to talk to her about household dangers and keeping herself safe, but at this age, the best way to keep her out of harm’s way is to make sure she can’t get her hands on safety hazards.


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