Socializing to prepare for preschool

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Socializing to prepare for preschool

Children who already have experience in a daycare setting may not bat an eye at transitioning to preschool, but those toddlers and young children who have been home or in the care of a familiar face since birth may find preparing for preschool to be a bit overwhelming. If your baby falls in the second category, it’s up to you to do some prep work in order to make sure she is comfortable and confident in her social skills by the time her enrollment date rolls around.

A common concern is whether a tot has enough social experience to interact with her peers, especially if she is an only child. The good news is that opportunities for socialization are all around most toddlers every day. Here are some strategies for socializing your baby as she gears up for preschool.

If you notice that most of the items on this list are things your family already does, congratulations, your baby may be more ready for preschool than you thought!

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