Second year milestones

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Second year milestones

If last year was the year of your baby growing bigger and stronger every day, the coming year will be all about the things she is learning how to do. The second year of a toddler’s life is full of action, adventure, and gravity-defying stunts - and the very frazzled parents and caregivers who do their best to keep up.

Motor skills

The motor skills your baby develops during this time will take her to a whole new level of mobility, speed, and the adventure that comes with it. By the end of her second year, your toddler will be able to:


Another exciting part of the second year is that, instead of just watching each other carefully to pick up on each other’s cues, your baby’s communication skills will just keep building until you and she can communicate with each other on purpose on a fairly regular basis. As the second year goes on, she will learn to:


And none of the things she is going to do or say would be possible without all the exciting new ways she is learning to think about and look at the world around her. Over the course of this year, she will learn to:


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