Convincing a reluctant toddler to love bathtime

Bathing & Dressing   |   Age: 2 years 2 months

Convincing a reluctant toddler to love bathtime

At this age, your baby is becoming more perceptive, and also more independent. Even toddlers who used to love splashing in the tub can suddenly begin resisting bathtime, and while it is frustrating, it is also developmentally appropriate.

If your baby is suddenly making bathtime a battle, it’s important to determine the source of her resistance. It may be that she has developed a fear of the water, or of shampoo getting in her eyes while her hair is being rinsed. As she starts to connect the dots of your daily schedule, she may also begin to associate the sound of running water with the end of playtime, and the beginning of her bedtime routine. Because playing is more fun than sleeping, it’s natural for her to start to push back.

Whatever the reason for her reluctance, bathtime is still an important part of her day, so it’s up to you to banish those bathtime blues and make the bath seem more fun.

Many toddlers go on bath strikes, and it’s usually nothing to worry about, and simple tweaks to your routine can generally solve the problem. If your baby seems irrationally afraid of the water, or becomes inconsolable at bathtime, consider talking to her pediatrician to see if they have any other thoughts about what may be causing the fear.

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