Reintroducing foods your toddler has refused in the past

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Reintroducing foods your toddler has refused in the past

Every parent wants their child to eat a healthy diet, but when the closest thing to fruit your toddler will touch is a pack of fruit snacks, you may find yourself wondering how you can incorporate nutritious foods into her meal plan.

Even infants who gobbled up every jar of vegetables can develop into picky toddlers. This is often a result of wanting more control in general, and having tried a larger variety of foods that just taste better. Just because she says no to a certain food once, though, that doesn’t mean you need to take it off the menu forever. Toddlers can turn on a dime, and a picky tot one day could be tomorrow’s connoisseur. Here are some tips for reintroducing foods your baby once enjoyed without the mealtime battle.

The truth is, your baby will have her preferences, and there will be some foods she just doesn’t care for, despite your approach and persistence. This is normal, and a food she truly dislikes shouldn’t be forced. As long as she is continuing to try new foods with the methods above, it’s fine to let the strawberries go for now. They’re not everyone’s jam.

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