Turning plastic spoons into art

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Turning plastic spoons into art

It can feel daunting always having to come up with activities for your active toddler, but art projects are a great way to spend time together and do something fun. One way to cut down on the stress of planning these activities is to roll up your sleeves and use items already in your home, instead of going out and spending time and money hunting down supplies. One surprisingly useful craft item is plastic spoons, so dig through that bin in the pantry and see if you can find a box or two. The ideas below can be the start of a fun project or five. Items you may need for these projects include kid-friendly glue, safe scissors, washable markers, colored paper, and tape. You can find pictures and clear instructions for more specific versions of all the projects below on your favorite DIY websites.

Holiday wreaths

Let’s be honest. Any holiday can use a wreath, and you and your baby have the power to make one that’s perfectly tailored to the occasion. You’ll need a simple paper plate and 100 plastic spoons. The paper plate will be your base. Take the handles off all the spoons so you’re just left with the small “petal” of the spoon. Arrange the petals in circles all around the plate till you have many rows and a beautiful wreath! your baby can help you paint or color the spoons, and choose a pattern to lay them out in, though you may end up getting stuck with most of the gluing when it’s time to attach them.


You can make any animal - maybe even your baby’s favorite animal - with a spoon, and spice up a boring afternoon with a fun-filled puppet show. Simply take markers and make faces on the spoon’s outer curve. From there, you can take colored paper to make outfits and ears, or even use pipe cleaners to make legs, or add a little fuzz to your and your baby’s new friend.


When the weather isn’t cooperating and giving you and your baby any real flowers to pick, there’s nothing to stop the two of you from constructing a bouquet of your own - and your spoon-bouquet won’t wilt or fade, either (though it may crack a little). Plastic spoons can be made into beautiful colorful bouquets of flowers. Cut off the stems of the spoons and glue the bowls that are left to paper drink coasters in patterns to mimic the shape of the ones found in the great outdoors. From there, you and your baby can use markers or paints to turn your homemade flowers all the colors of the rainbow!


It doesn’t always take a chrysalis - sometimes all it takes to make a butterfly is a few plastic spoons, some colorful paper, and a little tape. your baby can even color in the wings! All you need to do is use the spoon’s handle for the spine, and cut out wings to tape or glue on.


Make the whole family out of spoon puppets or create characters and act out fun scenes from one side of the dining room table to the other. You’ll need the marker to make faces on the rounded end of the spoons and all that great colored paper for outfits, arms, legs, and accessories.

No matter what you chose, using plastic spoons is a cheap and easy way to bring a little joy and creativity into your home. Plus you can recycle the whole project afterwards and the clean up is easy. Enjoy!

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