Talking to other parents about your rules for your child

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Talking to other parents about your rules for your baby

Parenting can feel like a constant game of second-guessing at times, especially when the rules you have for your baby seem to conflict with some of the rules other parents set (or don’t set). If you’re receiving backlash for your rules, whether they’re seen as too permissive or too uptight, it’s natural to wonder if you’re doing right by your child.

The rules you’ve set forth are based on your core beliefs about what’s best for your baby - if you’re wondering if you should start bending your rules, it’s a great time to think through why you set them to begin with. When you’re out in the world, it can be helpful to have a plan in place for how to talk through your family’s policies with other adults who might not have the same rules in place.

It can be hard to feel like the odd one out, but if you keep the reasons why you set up your rules in mind, you should feel confident standing your ground. Parents who respect you will respect your rules, too.

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