Low-maintenance birth control methods and your growing family

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Low-maintenance birth control methods and your growing family

When you’re not planning on getting pregnant again in a hurry, a four, or five, or even six year stretch before needing to change your contraceptive may sound pretty sweet. But if you’re thinking it might be time to start thinking about a sibling for your baby, that four year stretch can start to sound a little too long. Fortunately, you can make an appointment to have the IUD or implant removed at any point. There is no need to stick with a method for its full stretch if you are ready for another baby

Benefits of using an IUD or implant

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) and contraceptive implants can be a great choice for new moms because once placed by a doctor, they are among the most effective types of birth control, with no daily action required. This means that every user is a “perfect user,” or someone who follows the instructions so well that the birth control works as well as it can possibly work. By contrast, the birth control pill, which needs to be taken around the same time every day to be perfectly effective, is only 91% effective in practice (even though if every user were using it exactly the way it is prescribed, it would be 99% effective).

One of the main appeals of IUDs and the implant is that they are long-lasting, but they can also be removed at any point by a qualified professional.

Getting your IUD or implant removed

Long-lasting birth control methods like IUDs and implants can be great choices for new moms for their convenience and reliability - two things new parents may be finding in short supply in other parts of their lives.

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