Does my toddler need to know anything before Pre-K?

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Does my toddler need to know anything before Pre-K?

Take a peek inside any preschool classroom and you’re likely to see kids busy at work. Building, drawing, playing dress-up, coloring, looking at books, pushing trains and cars around a track, and of course, singing and dancing. Their “work” is defined by play, which is the primary method of learning at this age. The learning that goes on for three-year-olds during their time in preschool provides a solid foundation for years to come.

Skills preschoolers are working on

While this list doesn’t include all of the skills a preschooler or child entering Pre-K should be proficient in, it does provide some of the basic tasks teachers want three-year-olds to know and understand.

But before you get your red pen and highlighter out to mark what your baby can and cannot do, it’s important to remember that school readiness should be approached with realistic expectations. A child’s temperament, how she learns, and what can be expected of her developmentally at this point should all be taken into account. After all, a child's social, emotional, and behavioral readiness is exceedingly more important than academic checklists.

Personal skills

Social development skills

Academic skills (cognitive, language, and math)

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