Finding kid-food at restaurants with no children's menu

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Finding kid-food at restaurants with no children's menu

Dining out with a toddler can be an adventure, and often, more food ends up on the floor than in her mouth. While you likely opt for kid-friendly restaurants when it’s your choice, there are times you may be joining a group for an outing and don’t have control over what’s on the menu. In cases like this, keeping your baby happy and fed can become even more of a challenge, especially when she is a macaroni and cheese lover in a fancy carbonara world.

But even if you’re in unfamiliar territory, that doesn’t mean your baby is going to go hungry. There are a few different ways to find food she will enjoy that doesn’t come from a menu that can be colored with crayons.

Eating at a restaurant with no kids menu with a toddler isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t need to be a disaster, either. Generally, restaurants won’t mind if you have a couple of snacks on-hand as a backup plan, as a few crackers on the table is easier to deal with than a hungry little diner who’s getting fussy.

Before heading out to the restaurant, be sure to call ahead to make sure children are welcome. Though it’s uncommon, some restaurants do have restrictions about when or where children are allowed to dine. Others do not offer substitutions, or may not have highchairs available. If you’re concerned this could be the case, a quick call before packing up and heading out is a good idea to spare any surprises upon arrival.

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