Helping your toddler bond with grandparents and other relatives

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Helping your toddler bond with grandparents and other relatives

Children’s first important relationships are with their parents, guardians, or other close caregivers, but having a strong relationship with grandparents or other close family members can be an important part of a child’s life as she grows. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and many others may be important pieces of your family puzzle. Encouraging close relationships between your baby and her relatives gives her a strong, robust support network for her to lean on and delight for the rest of her life.

For starters, grandparents and other close relatives can offer that spark of parenting energy or enthusiastic attention that may have faded from you after a long week, scooping your baby into their laps and reading a book with a little extra zest. A sleepover with a relative (when you’re ready, of course), can also be fun for your baby and rejuvenating for you from time to time. This can also help her develop her independence and comfort level with others.

Here are some ideas to help develop a bond with extended family members - near or far.

Every family dynamic is different, and how you choose to form these special bonds will be unique too. Staying in regular contact, and keeping your family up-to-date on your baby’s milestones, helps to set the stage for a loving connection that will only grow as your baby does.

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