Why does my baby always fall asleep in the car?

  |   Age: 10 weeks 4 days

Why does my baby always fall asleep in the car? 
While there are definitely exceptions, a huge number of babies fall asleep more easily in the car than they do anywhere else. For some parents, this can feel like a gift - finally, somewhere that your baby will sleep - while for others, it can disrupt a carefully kept sleep schedule.

Why do so many babies love sleeping in cars?

The love of sleeping in cars that so many babies (and some adults) have is actually pretty logical and intuitive - car trips combine a lot of a baby’s favorite things, and it's believed that certain qualities of the car may make her feel like she is in the womb, and makes her feel secure. These qualities include:

Is it safe for babies to sleep in cars? 

It’s always important to make sure to buckle babies into car seats correctly and according to the manufacturer's guidelines every time a child is in the seat. This is especially true since insecure fastening can increase the risk of breathing difficulties in sleep. It’s also important not to use the car seat as a napping place outside of the car, which can lead to less restful sleep.

How can I recreate the effect outside of a car?

For some families, the only problem with car-ride naps is that the only place they’ll happen is in the car. In some cases, though, there are ways for parents to make napping more car-like.


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