Should I wake my baby for feedings?

  |   Age: 4 weeks 1 day

Should I wake my baby for feedings?
As commonly passed around pieces of advice go, “never wake a sleeping baby” is about as common as it gets, but is it always true? New parents are also told that newborns need to feed regularly - in the first few weeks of life, some healthcare providers recommend feeding as often as once every 2 to 3 hours. On the other hand, other common advice recommends feeding on-demand. But if your newborn is sleeping too much to start demanding to eat very often, where does that leave you?

When to wake a sleeping baby

It’s true that, like all rules, “never wake a sleeping baby” has exceptions, and the main exception is the first two weeks or so of life. Newborns often lose a little weight soon after they’re born, and in those first few weeks, their bodies are busy trying to gain that lost weight back, so they can start growing at top speed.
For many families of babies and toddlers, sleep can be hard enough to come by that cutting any of it short can feel unthinkable, but there are a few instances where a little early-waking can lead to even more healthy sleep later.


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