Can lack of sleep stunt growth?

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Can lack of sleep stunt growth?

Lack of sleep is one of those things that popular culture believes stunts growth, but like so many other common pieces of wisdom, the truth isn't so clear.

If your baby doesn’t get enough sleep, will it stunt her growth? 

“Stunted growth,” as defined by the World Health Organization, is a process that happens in the first three years of life, and affects children for the rest of their lives. As children grow older, conditions can still affect growth, but not with the same kind of impact that is possible in the early years. Stunted growth is associated with malnutrition and severe illness.

This means that your baby isn’t likely to have “stunted growth," but that doesn’t mean that her growth rate can’t be affected by factors in her life. A lost hour of sleep here or there isn’t going to take inches off your baby’s growth, but there is a definite connection between sleep and growth. It’s during the periods between REM sleep that the hormones that control growth are released, so deep sleep is essential as children grow. 

Young children tend to sleep when they need to sleep. On the other hand, while sleep disorders in infants aren’t common, they aren’t unheard of, either. If you’re concerned that your child might be experiencing a sleep disorder that’s keeping her from falling or staying asleep, don’t hesitate to check in with her healthcare provider.

Other connections to lack of sleep

Growth isn’t the only part of your baby that could be affected by the amount of sleep she gets. You’ve probably noticed that, just like you, she is more likely to be in a good mood on days that she is well-rested. More than that, though, a 2015 study suggests that sleep patterns in the first few months of life can predict attention span and behavior problems later in childhood - in this study, specifically around the age of 3 to 4 years old.

In addition, moving into adolescence, and even into adulthood, lack of sleep has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and depression. Making sure your baby starts to build healthy sleep patterns today could help her out for the rest of her life.

In the end, it’s highly unlikely that a missed nap here or there is going to do much of anything to your baby’s growth. On the other hand, making sure she gets as much sleep as she needs - even if she doesn’t always want it - can help your days run a bit more smoothly, too.


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