Easing your baby into new healthy sleep habits

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Easing your baby into new healthy sleep habits 
Does your baby need complete darkness to fall asleep? What about the sound of waves crashing on a distant shore, or the subtle rocking motion of the ocean as acted out by her loving, sleep-deprived parents? For many parents, the quest for uninterrupted sleep can turn into habits that are hard to break.

Not all sleep habits are bad 

It can seem like having your baby be “dependent” on anything in order to go to sleep is a problem, but the truth is that almost everyone has some sleep conditions they need in order to get the rest their bodies crave. There may be a few rare folks out there who can fall asleep standing up in the middle of the crowd in a packed football stadium, but most people have a few things they depend on for sleep, even if those things are just “something resembling a pillow” and a shade to keep the sun off their faces. So if your little one seems to be pretty attached to certain habits, know that most sleep habits aren't necessarily bad.

Even sleep habits that parents may need to break later - like thumb-sucking or using a pacifier - aren’t necessarily a problem for as long as they work for a family. It’s only when certain habits start to get in the way of a family’s normal, healthy sleep that they start to be an issue. Until that point, even sleep habits that could be a problem later can actually be beneficial, since they can provide comfort for your little one and help to establish normal, healthy sleeping patterns.

When a sleep habit starts to be a problem for your family - like if nursing your little one to sleep every night is feeling like too much for you, or if your tot needs to be bounced and rocked and bounced again until you need a nap too - there are a few different ways you can try to ease that habit out of your family’s lives, although when and how well they work may be affected by how attached to the habit your baby is. And, as with many habits, easing into new healthy-for-the-whole-family sleep routines can take time, so be patient. 

Switching things up


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