Gifts you can make with your toddler

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Gifts you can make with your toddler

It’s no secret that kids love projects. Finger painting, cutting, gluing, baking, and coloring; you name it, they want to try it. If your toddler is showing an interest in working alongside you while you craft or bake, then it might be time to get her involved. Including your child in the planning and making of gifts for other people not only keeps her busy, but also teaches her about the simple act of doing nice things for other people.

Fun with mason jars

You can put just about anything in a mason jar, and kids love them because they can see what’s inside. Filled mason jars make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, daycare providers, and family friends. Have your toddler fill the mason jar with cookie mix or ingredients for a hearty soup. Bath salts also make a great gift and are easy for your toddler to handle. She can use paint to put her handprints (and other decorations) on the outside of an empty jar, which can then be filled with flowers, candy, pens and pencils, or other small items.

Hand and footprint apron

Aprons are the perfect gift for grandparents or other family members, and making these unique keepsakes is easy. All it requires is a canvas apron and fabric paint (washable). You can make a design on the apron with paint (flowers, rainbow, etc.) and put your toddler’s name on the top. She can add her footprints or handprints in various positions (and colors) all over the front of the apron.

Decorated slippers

If you are buying a pair of slippers for grandma, why not brighten them up with a flower garden that your little one can glue on herself? All it takes is some fabric flowers (or other embellishments) and fabric glue.

Yummy treats as gifts

Baking with your toddler is actually quite easy (and fun) as long as the tasks you give her to do are age appropriate. If you make cookies and bars during the holidays, plan on having her join in on the fun. In the kitchen, you can have her gather ingredients from a low shelf, add measured ingredients to mixing bowl, stir ingredients, and sprinkle small items (raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, etc) into a batter. She can even decorate a solid colored cookie tin with stickers and fill it with the cookies she made. Homemade cookies make a great gift for his friends, teachers, daycare providers, babysitters, and other family friends.

Photo keepsake books

Pick a theme (season, sports, the zoo, etc.), event (dance recital, swim lessons, etc.) or vacation, and print any photos you have from that experience. Have your toddler pick out a photo book, arrange the images in an order she likes, and even insert the pictures into the book.

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