Why does getting out the door with a toddler take so long?

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Why does getting out the door take so long with a toddler?

For such tiny people, toddlers sure come with a lot of stuff. Whether you’re rushing around each morning to get your baby to daycare and yourself to work, or taking her along with you to run some errands, it’s easy to feel spent before you even leave the house.

At this age, your baby likely isn’t able to be of much help, unlike older children who can prepare their own breakfast or pack up a bag - give your baby a few years and she’ll get there, but these days, even when she is trying to help you may run into trouble. On top of remembering which items to pack (and where the heck you put them) there’s also the challenge of helping her through the transition from one part of the day to another, which can be difficult for many toddlers. Unfortunately, your toddler probably doesn’t fully understand the concept of time, nor why she has to put down the toy to get dressed. Resisting transitions often results in tantrums, which will also set you back.

Any parent of a toddler knows each day comes with its own series of unpredictable events, but a little preparation can go a long way. Here are some tips on taking control of your morning so you can leave energized and on time!

As your little one grows, heading out of the house will become easier and easier, but during the toddler years, it's totally common to have some less-than-tranquil experiences trying to hit the road.

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