Fun and games: Michelangelo

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Fun and games: Michelangelo

Sure, plenty of toddlers and young children go through a mural phase when any wall in the house is fair game for their art making, but how much of that is the call of the forbidden, and how much is just because drawing on a space as big as a wall is fun? There’s probably a bit of both going on.

Lucky for your little artist-in-waiting, there are plenty of destruction-free ways for her to let some of those artistic impulses out into the world - without taking it out on your living room.

If you’re worried that these fun wall-painting strategies will teach your baby that wall art is always an option, it’s a great time to talk to her about boundaries. She’s getting big enough now that she should be able to understand just when drawing on the walls is allowed and when it’s off limits.

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