Fun and games: Dress-up challenge

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Fun and games: Dress-up challenge

Once upon a time, there lived a child named your baby, and she never ever played pretend. Sounds like not much fun, right? Whether it’s catching fish in bathwater or dressing up as a favorite character, playing pretend is a great way for toddlers to add a little excitement to their lives - while at the same time exercising their fast-developing brains.

A significant amount of young children’s pretend-play is self-directed, and that’s as it should be - self-directed pretend play gives kids the chance to process the world around them, work through their emotions in productive ways, and flex their cognitive muscles. But there’s still a place for you to play along with your baby, and one great way for parents and caregivers to get involved in pretend play without getting in the way of toddlers’ creativity is through dress-up play.

Playing pretend is great for your baby for many reasons, and playing pretend with you is a great way to help build her confidence right alongside her imagination. And along with all of its other benefits, dressing up gives your baby plenty of practice with dressing and undressing - one of the most practical motor skills around!

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